Friday, September 7, 2018

A Return To Fashion Nuggets

Hello Again!

Well it's been quite a while before I shared any Fashion Nuggets on my blog! Like most former bloggers, I was Instagraming any outfit I wanted to share, at least until today...

After I purchased an iPhone tripod with remote last month, I began to think about blogging again. I took some awkward photos underneath our nude mermaid artwork. See below for a giggle...
 Boobs? I don't see any boobs.
Oh yea, there they are. Right above my head. I've since found a better place to take outfit photos. 

Dress: Old Navy
Fluorite Necklace: Etsy 

With this Old Navy Dress, I found that the standard sizing in an XXL fit me better than the same dress in their plus size line. They were very bulky and had too much fabric for my taste. 

When Sophie and Aron got home, I asked if we could subject them to a round of family photos with my fancy new tripod. Here are some results, heeee. 
I hope the (maybe) 2 people reading this have a rad weekend. I'll be back with another post on Monday.
 Oh yea,and in case you'd like to see my Instagram, here are the links: 

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