Monday, October 1, 2018

Crazy Cat Lady Dress

Hi Again!

Happy first day of October! I hope your Monday is treating you well.

Last Saturday, Sophie, Aron, my mom, and me visited the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville. It was a rad market full of art, food trucks, and produce. I wanted to wear the dress that my store, Lola Rocks Clothing, received from Sourpuss this week. I'm usually not one for light pastels, but this dress is covered in vintage style kitty illustrations. Yes, guys, a dress covered in adorable kitties. How could I resist?
Sourpuss Cat Lady Dress: Lola Rocks Clothing (sizes S-XXXL, $36 shipped in US)
MAK Cropped Cardigan: Lola Rocks Clothing
My beautiful little Sophie wanted to get in on the picture taking. 
The market is open every Saturday, and is located under the Fuller Warren Bridge. At first thought, it seemed like an odd location. But, it keeps you mostly out of the blazing Florida sun, so it works for me. 

We walked around, had lunch, and Aron hunted for jam and bread to take home. We were all pretty overheated by the end of the trip (it was in the 90s that day), but it was fun nonetheless. Sophie had a blast, because we bought her a bubble gum flavored SnowBall.
These two cuties
I almost forgot to share a picture of the kitty that has made me a Crazy Cat Lady, yet again. Her name is Shadow, or Shadow Buns, as I like to call her. 

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