Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our Pregnancy

Hello Again!

I thought I'd write a post about my pregnancy, before I started on Sophie's birth story. Let's start with some sonogram and bump shots: 

The day we found out we were pregnant :)
8 weeks
11 weeks
12+ weeks
19 weeks
19 weeks foot
31 weeks
33 weeks
33+ weeks 3D (looking just like her Daddy)

Bump watch:
15 weeks
17 weeks
 19 weeks
24 weeks
30 weeks
33 weeks

My pregnancy was a relatively easy one, until my last trimester. I wasn't cursed with morning sickness, and felt pretty good overall. My only food aversions were cilantro and veggies. I did have some extreme exhaustion the first trimester, then it settled down to normal around the middle of my second trimester. 

I did have a bit of drama with my OB, and ended up switching mid-pregnancy to a wonderful doctor. Take it from me ladies, if you don't feel like you are getting the proper care, find another doctor. My new OB told me I should have been seeing a specialist and being monitored once a week, due to my age and chronic hypertension,which my old OB did not do. My old OB did nothing for me, except give us crappy care and make me feel nuts. 

That drama aside, it was pretty amazing to feel my little girl growing inside of me. I was anxious, hopeful, scared, and overjoyed, all at once. 

My friends and family threw me two awesome baby showers, one in Florida, and one in Tennessee.

Florida shower:
Rad sign Anna made
Aron and my crown
My Mom and I
Hello Kitty cake Mom ordered
#1 Dads

My Tennessee Shower:
My buddies who hosted the shower
Amazing owl cake that Tracy made
Handmade onesies from Tracy
Vintage kitty cross stitch from Becca

Though my blood pressure has been an issue since my mid twenties, it settled down through most of my pregnancy. But once I hit the 30 week mark, I was put on bed rest for my hypertension. I was allowed a very occasional outing, and trips to the specialist and OB, once a week. Let me tell you, it was not easy. I couldn't clean, work on eBay, or get ready for Sophie's arrival. It was very depressing, but worth it in the end. 

We did manage to get some work done on the nursery. Well, Aron did and I supervised :)
We went for a pink and gray bunny theme :)
At 37 weeks, my blood pressure had spiked again, and my specialist told me they would most likely be inducing me at 37 weeks. I remember walking to the car and calling Aron, crying because I didn't feel like she was ready to come. She hadn't "dropped" at all, and was resting comfortably in my ribcage. Aron assured me it was what was best for Sophie and I, and over the next few days I accepted it.

Next blog post will be Sophie's birth story. Hope I can finish it by this week!