Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MegaCon 2012

Hello Again!

I've been meaning to blog about our MegaCon adventure for about a month now! MegaCon is a large comic/pop-culture convention held yearly in Orlando. We headed down to Florida to set up and sell our wares there back in mid-February. We mainly sold rad funny books and toys from the Twisted Heroes side of our businesses, but we squeezed in a few items from Lola's Lovelies as well.

We drove the 11 hours to Florida in over two days, then waited in line for a while to setup our booth.

Once we finally reached the loading dock, we started to unload the truck. We received so much help from our friends Steve and Davida, Leech, Tom & Trina, and more. We really couldn't have done it without them.

 Friday morning, first day if the convention. I had to get a pic next to the truck.
Dress: City Chic
Lace Shrug: Ross
Hair Flower: Andy's Eye Candy
More first day photos. Here we are, putting the final touches on our massive, 3 spot booth. Thank goodness Steve and Davida were there to help us that weekend! It was great to hang out with them as well :)

The convention was about to open, but I had to get a pic of me and Aron.

Friday is really the only day where I had an opportunity to walk around the convention. We were slammed with customers on Saturday and Sunday, which is a good thing :) Here are some costume pics.

 The Dude
I have no idea who she is, but she is pretty!
 Awesome Power Girl costume
Hey, Tyrone stopped by our booth!
Saturday was a madhouse, as you can see.....
 Yep, that's the line waiting to get in.
 Trina stopped by before we opened :)
Saturday was so incredibly busy, that I didn't get a chance to take many photos. But here is a cool one of lady with a Lenore tattoo.

Later that day, Shawna and Chris drove up from Jacksonville to hang out, woo hoo! They also needed to check out the spectacle that is MegaCon. We all went out to dinner at Ming Court that night, where I snapped a few photos of me and Shawna. I miss her so much!
Sunday was the last day of the convention, also known as load out day. I snapped a few more pics.
 My Lola's Lovelies display
 Davida wearing Lola's Lovelies
 The load out gang. So thankful to them all! Miss them as well :(
Aron is done

Well, there you have it. MegaCon was a great show for us. It was alot of hard work, but totally worth it. It was great to catch up with friends as well!

Have a fabulous day!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Things to do when you're sick.....

Hello Again!

I have been suffering from a gnarly sinus infection/cold/flu-lite for about a week now. I finally started feeling a bit better yesterday. Here is a rundown of things you should (or perhaps shouldn't) do when you're sick:

1) Go see a standup comedian
Friday night, Aron and I had a date to see Steven Wright at the Nashville Symphony. I felt a bit off, but decided to tough it out. Here is what I wore:

Top & Tank: Forever 21 Plus
Skirt: Torrid
Shoes: Ross

The show was hilarious, but about halfway through my sinuses went bonkers and I wanted to peel my face off. I assumed it was just a sinus infection, and went about my business.

2) Get crafty
Saturday I assigned myself to light duty. I sat on the couch and made a bunch of new necklaces & hair flowers for my Lola's Lovelies Etsy store. Check them out....

3) Par-tay
Later that night, we attended a fun St Patty's Day get together at John and Becca's house. Still assuming I just had sinus funk, I thought I'd be OK out and about for a bit. Well...I only lasted a couple of hours. Here is my rad St Patty's day crunk cup I bought in Vegas.

4) Pedicure time
Sunday I decided to polka dot my toes:

I had to Instagram my feet :) Do you follow me on Instagram? I am under "lolarocksme".

Thanks for reading this whiny little post to the end. Have a fab weekend!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Days in Vegas

Hello Again!

Well Vegas, it's been real, but it's time to wrap it up. Here is a quick-ish rundown of our last two days....
Day 4:

We decided to chill a bit on our last day. We headed over to New York, New York so that Aron could ride the roller coaster. I don't do roller coasters :)

 Cardigan & Dress: Torrid, Leggings: Mossimo, Shoes: Me Too, Purse: Jessica Simpson Collection, Hair Flower: Lola's Lovelies, Lipstick Pin: Domino Dollhouse

 Badass candy Statue of Liberty at NY, NY
We had our picture taken with a lion cub at MGM:)

Later that night we headed over to The Wynn to partake in their amazing buffet. We took a stroll through their "mall".

 Decor at the buffet, good grief it was gorgeous.

Some random Vegas at night shots.

Aron wanted to see a Vegas showgirl-y show, so we decided on Jubilee at Bally. I hate to say this, but it was horrible. The show was straight out of the 70s/80s, and not in a good way. We're talking Sampson and Delilah, and a cheery Titanic musical number. Here are some bad indoor pics of what I wore.

 Dress: Forever 21, Cardigan: Mossimo, Necklace: ASOS
We needed a few drinks after Jubilee, so we headed back to The Mirage. I ended up at my fave slot machine. She was cruel to me that night.

 After too many drinks, we headed to the Carnegie for cheesecake and fries. Had to Instagram this one.

Do you follow me on Instagram? Check me out at "lolarocksme"

 Day 5

All good things must come to an end. Don't you just hate the end to a fab vacation? My face says it all.

Dress: ASOS, Cardigan: Mossimo, Boots: Marshal's

We spent most of the day relaxing and getting our last bit of slot machine gambling in. Then it was time to go.

 Bye Bye Strip

 Bye Bye Desert

Well, that concludes the Vegas posting on my blog. Thanks for reading!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Product Review: Gillette Venus & Olay Razor

Hello Again!

Here is my product review for the Gillette Venus and Olay Razor I received from Influenster's Love VoxBox.

I never really gave too much thought to what razor I used. I generally just pick up anything that is on sale at Target. But,the Gillette Venus and Olay razor might have changed my thinking a bit. I have to say, it is the Cadillac of razors.

The razor has five blades, adjusts to the curves of your body, and has these awesome Olay Moisture bars to lock in moisture!
 Plus, it has this handy dandy little holder with suction cup for the shower!
This razor left my legs smooth and moisturized-I didn't even need to use soap or shaving gel! The shave was pretty darn close. It could have been a tad closer for me, but it was still awesome.

For more about this awesome razor, click here.


*Note-I received this product complimentary to test through Influenster’s VoxBox program. The item was complimentary, but the opinions are my own.

Product Review: Kiss Nail Dress

Hello Again!

Here is my product review of the Kiss Nail Dress I received in my Influenster Love VoxBox.

I am not one to worry about manicures. I am rough on my hands, and have paper thin nails, so I never really saw the point in investing in a manicure. (Pedicures are another story entirely....)

Kiss Nail Dress is a stick on manicure. According to the instructions, you clean your nails, choose the size best for your nail, apply & fold over the edge of your nail, then file away the excess nail sticker.

Kiss Nail Dress comes with 28 stickers to fit all nail shapes and sizes. You can also take them off without nail polish remover. Plus, no dry time, which was an extra bonus for me!

I found the these fairly easy to apply. I have very small nailbeds, and very short nails, so it was easier for me to trim the stickers, then apply and file down excess.

My finsihed nails. Overall, I would say I am pleased the Kiss Nail Dress. The 3 dimensional deisgns are quite fetching. I would like to try one of their leopard print designs next. By the way, Kiss states you can also use these for pedicures!

Also, these are supposed to stay put for up to 10 days. Since I applied them yesterday, they have remained on my nails, so we'll see!

For more info on Kiss Nail Dress, click here.


*Note-I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes.The opinions expressed about the product are my own.

Influenster Love VoxBox

Hello Again!

I was delighted I was selected to participate in Influenster's Love VoxBox product review. Here is a photo of the rad products I received.

Here are my thoughts on these products:

1) Truvia Sweetener Packets-Truvia is a more natural and yummy way to sweeten your fave foods. My husband has been using these to sweeten his coffee at work, and he prefers the taste to Splenda.

2) Stash Herbal Tea Sampler-Stash has a great variety of flavors, overall very tasty selection. These are also great for making iced teas, with Truvia as sweetener :)

3) Gillette Venus & Olay Razor-This was an amazingly moisturizing shave. It could have been a tad of a closer shave, but the silkiness of my skin made up for this.

4) Kiss Nail Dress-I just tried these out tonight. These are fairly easy to apply, and the design is cool. The application, for me, was made a bit more difficult by the fact I have extremely short nails.

5) Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate bar- One of the yummiest chocolate bars I've ever eaten. My husband was lucky to get a few bites :)

I will be doing individual reviews for the beauty products shortly :)

The VoxBox program is so much fun! For more info on Influnester, check out their "About" page here.


 Note* I received these complimentary products through the VoxBox program, but my opinion is my own.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Weekend of the Strawberry Necklace

Hello Again!

Do any of you own an accessory or piece of clothing that serves as a "lucky charm" or an instant mood booster? I know I do, it's my strawberry necklace. I wore this necklace most of last weekend, and what a great weekend it was!

I first introduced the srtrawberry necklace to my blog last year, when I wrote a post about the Flaming Lips concert.

The weekend started a bit early for me. I had lunch with Aron at Newks, and took the opportunity to don my fave aqua stripe shirt and the necklace :)

Top: Walmart
Cardigan: Mossimo
Skirt: Torrid
Sunglasses: Target
Bag: Betseyville
Necklace: eBay

Later that evening, we met up with Becca and John for Mexican food. It was yummmm and the margaritas were super smooth! We had a great time, and ended up staying until closing.

I spent Saturday with Tracy and Steph for a much needed Girls Day Out. Here's what I wore:

Top: Ross for $4!
Skirt: Torrid
Hair Flower: Lola's Lovelies (haven't listed these yet, coming soon!)
Necklace: eBay

We met up at Tracy's house, where she had cupcakes and goodie baskets waiting for us! How thoughtful and cool is that?

 The mini cupcakes were frickin amazing!
The goodie basket was full of candy, nail polishes, makeup, and more!

We chatted for a while, then headed out to the Up and Down Closet in Hendersonville. It is a consignment shop specializing in ladies plus size clothing. I found a couple of cute things, which I will be sure to blog about soon!
 I asked the saleslady to take our pic. I guess we weren't ready :)
So, I took one of us outside. Where is half of Stephs head? And why is that creepy mannequin staring at us?

After shopping, we headed over to a local restaurant called Black Eyed Peas, and ate some yummy, Southern style fare. And we talked a bunch, of course. Can I tell you how lucky I am to know both of these wonderful women? No drama, no bs, just real friendships-and that is a blessing for me.

After dinner, we headed back to Tracy's for some cocktails & crafting. We also watched "The Help", which was amazing and made me bawl my eyes out.

Sunday I spent with Aron looking for a car. We headed up to the Nissan dealership in Nashville, and low and behold, he found one! Generally, we wouldn't invest in a large vehicle, but we need it for our conventions.

Bye Bye Vue
Hello Pathfinder!

This was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.
Well, it looks like Spring has come early this year. Though I know it will make for a hellacious Summer, it I'm loving it. Winter 2011/2012 was not the best time in my life, and I am happy to see it go. Onto the better days :)
Have a great Thursday!