Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Favorite Things: Natural Beauty Products

So, I've decided to give the "My Favorite Things" feature a whirl, yet again. I might not be able to post a fave every Monday, but I will do my best.

This week I am discussing my love of natural, cruelty-free beauty products. I have been on an organic, chemical free kick for a while now. I try to use "green" household products, eat more whole food from the local farmers market, and now I have moved on to my beauty products.

Sooooo... here are a few products I have tried lately that I actually love:

I loovvee this tinted lip balm. For one, it is actually a rich color, not a shiny gloss. Secondly, it moisturizes well, and has a minty feel. 5 stars all the way!

I picked up a bottle of this lotion this weekend. So far so good. It has a nice, earthy scent, and seems rich enough for my dry skin.

I am sure this is TMI for most of my readers, but here I go. I have been interested in moving away from chemical, aluminum based antiperspirant/deodorants and onto something more natural. I gave Tom's of Maine's Long Lasting deodorant a try a few weeks ago, and I am not completely sold.

First off, it is just a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. There are no natural anti-stinkers that will contain an antiperspirant. The smell of this product is nice, but I do have to apply it twice a day, it is not 24 hour protection by a long shot. I am still on the hunt for a more effective natural product.

Well, Monday is here. Let's make it a good one people!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random Saturday Fun and...a Fashion Nugget!

I am doing my best to get back into the habit of blogging! It is something I truly enjoy, so why not do it more often?

Aron and I had a partially lazy Saturday. Here is what I wore on our outing. It has been quite I while since I did a Fashion Nugget (OOTD)on my blog, and I figured it was about time to do another. Excuse the partially wet hair.


Tank: Target
Skirt: Lip Service for Torrid
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: old

I had been rocking a sort of 50s pinup style this summer, but am feeling a more modern look as of late. Modern with some vintage elements. We'll see how it goes :)

We were going to head to downtown Nashville, but were feeling low key, and decided to stay closer to home. We started with a visit to the local bakery, Great Harvest. I discovered them at the local farmers market. It is truly some of the best bread I have eaten!

After the bakery,we headed to Target to pick up a few things. I love ALL the clearance sections at Target. Here are a few things I scored:
Pure Energy top for around $5
Elf eye shadow Pallette for $3.50,
Mossimo Flats for $20
Ok, so the shoes weren't clearance, but they were still a good deal :)

We ended with a late lunch at Pei Wei. I ordered the Green Curry with Tofu, it was yum.....

I hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"The artificial fascinates me, the bright and shiny"

Aron and I headed to downtown Nashville on Sunday to see the Warhol Live exhibit at The Frist. I wasn't really allowed to take photos inside the exhibit, but I managed to sneak a few. Don't worry, I didn't use the flash :)




warhol 2
I managed to snag a blury pic of the Marilyn. warhol9

warhol 3
Aron and the metallic pillow balloons. warhol7


The Flying Saucer is next door to The Frist, this is where I will have my birthday gathering in a few weeks. 
I loved the exhibit, and the ability for Warhol's art to make me smile....and to think. His work asked the question-What is art? I feel Warhol's work is art, but some people disagree.....and that is what makes it wonderful :)

The exhibit focused on Warhol's relationship with music and dance. I love The Velvet Unerground, and it was fab to learn more about them and their music.

After The Frist, we went to Sitar for some yum Indian food, and some Ben & Jerrys :)
I leave you with one of my favorite songs. Have a great week!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Wishlist Part One

Yes, like every other blogger in the land, I am presenting you with my Fall wishlist. Am I the only one who starts planning my Fall wardrobe in July? Didn't think so :)

My Fall style (and style in general) seems to be a hybrid of retro/pinup looks with a dash of earthy and hard edge stuff thrown in. I have no idea if this works or not, but let's hope it does.

ASOS CURVE Embroidered Shoulder Bed Jacket

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Katie Lace Dress

Black Cherry Lace Back Cardigan

I can't currently afford the ASOS items on my wish list, so I will be patient and hope they end up on clearance one day.

Now, onto wishes that came true. I purchased this ASOS maxi dress on sale a few weeks ago, and it fits well, aside from being about a foot too long. But then again, I am 5'5.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Tank Maxi Dress

I purchased the sweater below with my Torrid Haute Cash. I was up in the air about the pattern/color, but I am glad I took the gamble and purchased it. The fit is AMAZING! Trust me ladies, you want this sweater. I think I will pair it with the maxi dress and boots, when it's not 97 degrees outside.

The last dress was purchased last night. It is on sale for around $25, so I went for it. I love to layer shorter dresses with leggings, boots, and sweaters in the Fall and Winter.

Well, back to reality. Hope you all have a fab weekend :)