Thursday, September 12, 2013

Plus Size Maternity Finds

Hello Again!

I know, very long time, no blog. We have been super busy vending at Dragon*Con, and are getting ready to head out to vend at Scarefest in Lexington this weekend. I am over 17 weeks pregnant, and have been feeling pretty well. I can't wait to finish up with this last convention (for a few months) and focus on getting ready for the baby!

I am plus size, and finding cute maternity clothing has been challenging, to say the least. Heck, finding any plus size maternity clothing has been challenging! Frumpy, potato sack styles are the norm in curvy lady maternity wear. I find this very odd-don't many straight size women end up plus size (or close to it ) at some point in their pregnancy? So, why aren't there more options available?

Well, I haven't let it get me down. Honestly, most of my pre-pregnancy dresses are empire waist, and will work for at least the next few months. I also have some cute looser tops that are OK. But it's almost Fall, and I want to shop! 

I have managed to find some nice maternity styles online for plus size ladies, but I've had zero luck in stores. Here are a few cute maternity and maternity friendly looks. 

The best luck I've had with maternity styles is Old Navy online. They don't carry true plus sizes in maternity, but their size 18 and XXL runs fairly large, and I think many of their styles would accommodate up to a 22W. Here are some of their current looks.
1) Rockstar Denim Jacket-Here's a confession: I bought one of these last year before I was pregnant, and wore the heck out of it. It is a trendy, slightly cropped look for non-pregnant ladies as well.
2) Demi-Ankle Pants-I ordered these last week. Let's hope they look as cute as in the photo. 
3) Tie-Waist Tunic- I also ordered this top. I think it will be comfy with leggings. 
4) Polka Dot V-Neck Sweater-This sweater is brand new on the website, and I have a feeling it will sell out soon. 

On a side note, Old Navy's  Rockstar Demi Panel Skinnies  are the only pair of decent maternity jeans I've found thus far. But, I'm not sure the panel will stretch enough to accommodate the entire 9 months. I am a size 20, and their 18 worked for me. 

JC Penny's is another site that has some cool plus maternity looks. I haven't ordered anything as of yet, but these looks are pretty intriguing.
1) 3/4 Sleeve Striped Tie-Side Ruched Top I'm a sucker for stripes, and I love the ruched side. 
2) Twill Overbelly Skinny Pants I was surprised to find these fashion forward pants on their website.
3) Cowlneck Cable Sweater Dress A comfortable and cute look for Fall, just pair with leggings.
4) Embellished Top I like the bling around the neckline. 

ASOS's maternity line stops at a US 14, but there are some pregnancy friendly options in their ASOS Curve line. I haven't given these a try yet, but I do love their swing dress options. 
1) ASOS Curve Exclusive Swing Dress With Lace Sleeves I think this would be perfect for the holidays!
2) ASOS Curve Waterfall Cardigan Perfect layering cardigan for Fall. 
3) Alice and You Swing Dress A casual dress to wear with tights. 
4) New Look Inspire Leather Look Trim Shell Cute layering tank. 

Thanks for checking out my plus size maternity picks! Have a great Friday :)