Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mad Men Ladies at the Emmys

Good Morning Peeps,

Girls pool day today, wooo hooo! Just had to throw that in there :)

I scanned the Emmy red carpet looks yesterday, and I really have to give kudos to my Mad Men girls. They all looked fabulous, took risks, and in my opinion, pulled it off!

January Jones in Versace, Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karan, Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen.

January Jones has received quite a bit of flack for her futuristic Versace number, but I think I like it! It is a bit shocking to see Betty Draper in something modern, but it works.

While Elizabeth Moss's look is certainly the "safest", it is truly beautiful and becoming. Why does it seem like everyone on the planet, save myself, can wear this beigy-nude color? I look like a corpse.

Last, but certainly not least, is my girl crush Christina Hendricks in Zac Posen. Christina discussed how difficult it was to find an Emmy dress, since the designers only had size 0 and 2 samples to send her. And she is a size 14. Yep, you heard it, Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive is a size 14. So suck it Hollywood.

I have to add a disclaimer that a size 14 is my goal size, me being a size 20 at the current time. A size 14, in my opinion, is tiny. Just throwing that out there.

Here is another pic of Christina in her dress. I love the color, the fit, all of it. She has received a ration of shit about this look as well. I think the haters are afraid of her breasts.

Have a great day y'all!


Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello Peeps,

I had to take a moment to share my fun day yesterday! We had plans with Ben and Tracy for a Joann's/Best Buy excursion, then lunch at Red Robin. But......there was a plan in the works.....a surprise early birthday party for me!

When we first arrived at Red Robin, Tracy asked "Where is the restroom?", and started walking ahead. Then she said, "There's a table over here." I was confused because you have to wait to be seated. So.....I walked in and Surprise!!!!

The look on my face is priceless....Uhhhh whhhhaattt?

Wheee I am excited!

My fabulous friend Cristal was the party planner, and she threw me a Hello Kitty themed party-hells yes!!!

Fabulous card Cristal made me, and HK gear.

HK birthday candle :)

HK balloons

It was so much fun, I really had a great time. I'm the new girl in town, and it meant so much that the new friends I've made took the time to celebrate my birthday with me-thank you all! Special thanks goes out to Cristal for being a great planner and my sister in HK :) and to Tracy and Ben for helping orchestrate the whole thing, and getting me to Red Robin! I truly was surprised!

Cristal, Me, Melissa, and Tracy

Becca, me, and my buddy Gage

Me and Aron

Our table

I think the fashion gods might have been smiling upon me that day, because I chose to take my look up a notch, and I didn't even know I was going to an event! I wore my drapey cardigan, brass bangles and necklace, and some real shoes (not flip flops). Here are some pics I took before we left:

Shrug and drapey tank: Target
Skirt: Torrid
Shoes: Madden Girl
Bangles and Necklace: Target

I asked Aron to take a close-up so you could see my brass bangles and necklace I am obessed with.
Another pic of Aron making a funny face :)

I had a great day yesterday, now off to work and run errands. Hope you all have a fab day!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brassy Looks for Fall

Over the past few weeks, I have become a bit obsessed with brass accessories. Long brass necklaces, brass studded shoes and purses, you name it. This is odd for me since I have always been a sterling/white gold devote....

Here are some of my fave looks for Fall:

I bought this long, brass locket from an eBay seller.


I found a Matt and Nat black clutch in Florida for half off. Their bags are eco friendly, modern, and of course, adorned with brass. Here are a few of my recent faves. (I am also loving gray this season).

Matt & Nat

I spotted these shoes online, and I think I may have to hunt them down.....Wait they are $110, never mind :)

Guess Parowan

Hope you all have a fab day!


Fashion Nugget of the Day: ASOS Dress Review

Hello Peeps,

We are set up selling funny books and other goodies at the Paranormal Fest in Murfreesboro, TN today. Let's hope today is a bit busier than last night :)

I finally wore one of my ASOS purchases on Thursday. One of the reasons for the delay in wearing this dress was that it had to be ironed. There are few things in this world that I truly hate, but ironing is surely one of them. But, I bucked up and ironed the dress, and rocked it with my fave brass necklace from Target. I am all about long, vintage style, brass necklaces these days.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this look. I loved the dress on the 6 foot tall, size 12 model on the ASOS website, but I am 5'5, rather busty, with short duck legs. This isn't self hate or anything like that, but I'm just not sure if this look works for me? Feel free to let me know if this is a fashion don't :)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

Hello Peeps,

I was supposed to pick the giveaway winner yesterday, but life got a bit hectic, so I did so this morning.

The winner of our giveaway is.....

Drum roll please.....

It is Katie from KitschKate! Congrats Katie, I will send you an email to get your address details. Katie's blog is fabulous, you should all follow it!

Thanks to all my followers that participated! Once we hit 100 followers, we will have another fab giveaway :)

Tons of things to do today, but I will try and post an ASOS outfit pic. Have a fab Thursday!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello Peeps,

Yes, I have been in my home state of Florida for the past 6 days and had a blast! I got to visit with friends and family, shop, and eat waaayyyy too much fabulous food! I am now back in Nashville, and have quite a bit of catching up to do on both eBay businesses, but I wanted to take a moment and share my adventures with my followers.

I flew in on Wednesday morning via Southwest. I love to fly; it gives me time to relax, read a magazine, and reflect on life in general.

I read Marie Claire's Fall issue on the flight. Pretty rad issue, you might want to pick it up.

Approaching Jacksonville......

My beautiful Mom picked me up from the airport, it was so good to see her!

We spent the next two days catching up, shopping, and eating fabulous food. I really do have the best Mom ever, I love and miss her so much!

I found some great fashion bargains in FL that I will share in depth on tomorrows blog. Here is a pic me holding my new BCBG bag we found for over half price at TJ Maxx. It was my early birthday present from my Mom and Aron :)

Dress: Pure Energy at Target

Bag: BCBGmaxazaria

On Friday I left to hang out with my BFFs, Shawna, Misti, and Leah. I love these girls more that I can say. I have known them since high school, and we have been through everything together. They truly are the sisters I never had.

Me, Shawna, and Misti. (For the fashion curious, I'm wearing a cropped top by Sweet Love, tank by Faith 21, Torrid denim skirt, Matt and Nat clutch bag, and a brass necklace and headband from Target)

Friday night we ended up going to Bukkets in Jacksonville Beach. Jax Beach will always feel like home to me. I worked and lived close to the beach for years, and most of our "partying days" were spent there. Here is a blurry night time picture of us walking to Bukkets.

Shawna and Misti's friend Jubal was down from Georgia as well.

Here is a picture of us and our beer. We had a few pitchers that night :)

The next night Leah and her friend Chuck came over. Here is a picture of the four of us. I am wearing my fave Grecian-style Torrid dress :)

I'm amazed at the personal and physical transformation Leah has undergone in the past 2 years. I admire her so :)

At Chilli's, we sat next to a group of interesting people, some sort of Turtle Society??? I never really got the gist of it, but as far as I could gather it was not a save the sea turtles kind of thing, more of a drinking society deal. They were rather loud, and at one point said they needed to recruit more Turtles that night. Leah (in her soft Disney Character Voice) says, "I want to be a Turtle." LOL! So, we all ended up being initiated as Turtles, though we have no frickin' idea what it is really about. Here are some cute Leah Turtle Initiation pics:

Yep, the guy wore a green Shriner's style hat and everything. It was pretty intense.

On Sunday afternoon, I headed over to hang out with my fabulous in-laws Karen and Grover. I just love them, they are so fun! We ended up having a few beers and eating at Aunt Kate's. Below is a cute pic of Karen and Grover.

The dock at Aunt Kate's is gorgeous......

We went to Vilano Beach on Monday morning to pick seashells to take home. I had such a nice time!

You may wonder what I miss most about Florida? Well, honestly I miss my family and friends the most. Secondly, I miss the ocean. Though Nashville is beautiful, I feel rather landlocked here. It is strange not to be close to the water. Here are some random beach pics I took on my visit:

I missed my Aron mucho on this trip. It was fabulous to see him again last night! We relaxed and he fixed me cheese tortellinis. I really need to start eating better, ASAP.

My trip was fab, but now it is time for me to get back to work. Remember, today is the last day to enter our fab giveaway!

I'll leave you with a picture of the Spanish Moss covered oak trees and coquina shell walls of the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine.

Hope you all have a fab day!


Monday, August 16, 2010


Hello Peeps,

I need to take about 1000 pics for eBay today, and I have soooo much packing to do for my FL trip on Wednesday, it is re-dunk-ulous. But, I have to get my bloggy-blog on so here we go.
Aron and I set up at Sukoshicon (an Anime Convention in Birmingham, AL) this Saturday. We did pretty well, and it was good times and all of that, but the Howard Johnson's sketched me out a bit. Attendees referred to it as the "Silent Hill"hotel.

Aron at our table. He just lurrrvveesss getting his pic taken :)

Me hiding from customers behind the books. My hair is a beast.

I read the last volume of Scott Pilgrim. I wish the movie had done well, it looks as amazing as the graphic novels.

I also read Peach Girl. I would say to myself "Self, WTF am I reading?", then continue on to the next volume.

I want my frickin' Anime!

Craptastic picture I took of the contest thingie. I totally FAILED at taking costume pictures.

This is the lobby of the Howard Johnson's. I love how there are three different floral patterns occupying one space.

Hope you all are having a fab Monday! Don't forget to enter our giveaway by August 24th!