Monday, May 31, 2010

Pigeon Forge really loves Christmas.....and pancakes!

Yes, that is my sweet Aron driving us to Adventure Con in Pigeon Forge, TN. We were ready for the excitement to begin, but unfortunately, it never really did. The show was a bust-we did manage to break even, but the attendance was horrible. But, at least we got to see some pretty scenery, and sell a few books!

We got stuck in a crappy traffic jam, people felt the need to stare at the construction workers chillin' on the side of the road.

This is the flyer for the convention, it really brings the LOLs.

Rockin' HK in the Motel 6, yea buddy!

The beautiful stream behind the convention center. So peaceful....

Badass display I set up, woot! Wish there had been more people there to buy our stuff :(

The best costume of the show :)

Rad costume, one of the Dark Crystal creatures.


Uhhhh, who are you? heh heh

Sandman looking at our funny books.

Pigeon Forge really loves Christmas....and pancakes! For realz......

Don't the mountains make a great backdrop for the sex shops and outlet malls?

View of the Smokies from the convention center. Gorgeous.

So, the trip wasn't a great financial success, but we saw some gorgeous scenery, and had a good time overall :) I will blog some more fashion-wise later.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just a word of warning, this blog is picture intense!!

On the road again......This is a pic of us on our way to Imagicon in Birmingham, AL. What is Imagicon you might ask? It is one of the many comic/gaming/geekfest conventions that we sell out goods at every year. My husband Aron runs an online business, Twisted Heroes, and sells comics and collectibles.

Speaking of hubby, here he is looking a tad grumpy, hee heee. Must be the fact that we woke up at 4am to get on the road!

Here is my usual chipper self! Cargo vans RULE!

Hello Alabama, we almost missed ya!

Picture of us at one of the only Alabama rest areas. See, I told y'all I had a huge head, heh heh.

This is us setting up the booth at the convention. Setting up is never fun, especially having to haul the frickin wire racks! I hate those bastards with a passion. We were on the 3rd flood, but thank goodness we had help unloading from the convention volunteers!

OK, now for the fun to begin. What I like most about conventions, besides selling stuff and seeing Aron happy, are the people dressed up in their costumes, or "gear" as I like to call it.

This guy here calls himself the "Troll King". His outfit was pretty elaborate!

Here is a girl that was set up near us, decked out in her Lolita and Hello Kitty gear. Very Cute!

This is Lolita girl's friend, I think she is supposed to be Pepper Potts from Iron Man.

Vader Elvis, need I say more?

I am not sure who she is supposed to be, but her back tat is amazing!

Xena and Gabrielle

This is the creepy parking lot we parked in, a few blocks away from the convention. Parts of downtown Birmingham are absolutely amazing! There are SO many abandoned buildings from the 1940s-1960s. It just blew my mind! Here are a sampling....Note, the entire time I was taking pics, Aron was like "Adrienne, come on...." Guess he was afraid we wouldn't make it back to the van, heh heh.

I wonder how many squatters live here?

The fascinating Leer Tower!

So, we made it back to the hotel room, heh heh. This is me in my Pure Energy dress that I lurrrvveee.

After having amazing Indian food at a restaurant near our hotel, called Sitar, we decided to be social and head over to the convention party/rave thing. It was at Old Car Heaven, a very strange warehouse style place out in the middle of nowhere in downtown Birmingham. Was a fun time overall :)


Sunday morning we ate at the Original Pancake House-awesome! I am not really a pancake person, but my spinach omelet was am-ah-zing! Also, a homeless guy asked me for some cash in the parking lot, and I of course gave him a buck. Homeless peeps are drawn to me, I'm not sure what the deal is. I am always happy to give them a buck; I mean, what do I care what they do with it? This guy was awesome, he kept peeping his head into the restaurant until a customer broke down and bought him some breakfast, lol.
That afternoon, we sold some more comics and toys, and headed out around 2pm. Again, we had some great volunteers help us load up the cargo van. Overall we made some profit, and the trip was a success :)

Peace out Alabama!

The boxes and boxes of STUFF!

Non-grumpy Aron :)
We'll, we are headed to Pigeon Forge in a few hours to set up at Adventure-Con. I swear, this jet-set lifestyle is exhausting, lol!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loves Me Some Pure Energy!

It has been a while since I blogged, mainly because things have been cray-zay! Aron and I took a trip up to Birmingham, AL last weekend to set up at Imagicon and sell funny books. That is another blog entirely, but I wanted to let y'all know how much I am loving Target's Pure Energy plus size line. The clothing is affordable, the styles are bangin', and they seem to run pretty true to size!

Above is the dress I bought on an outing with Cristal several weeks ago. I wore it out Saturday night without a shrug! Those of you who know me know that I have this thing about my arms. Even when I was much smaller, I hated them and would never wear sleeveless tops or dresses. But, I have decided to "free my flubbers" and embrace my arms! I have lost some weight since moving up here, but I still have a ways to go. But it finally hit me that am now 33 years old; if I don't love my body now, when will I?

Here are some rad new Pure Energy looks available now!

Well, I think it is time to hit the hay! I will try to blog some about Birmingham tomorrow before we head to Pigeon Forge for Adventure-Con!