Thursday, September 6, 2018

Well, hi there.

It's been a minute, Dudes. If there is anyone out there still reading, let me fill you in.

My little family moved back home to Florida in January. It was, and is, great to be home with our friends and family. But soon after our return, my wonderful stepdad, Mike, got sick, and passed away in April. He was such an awesome man, and we miss him so very much.

My mother was diagnosed with dementia in February, and I have become her part time caregiver. It's been a big adjustment for her, but she is doing great. Her doctor today refereed to her as a "rock star". She's such a strong, positive person. It's a tough road to walk with her, but I am determined to do my best to make her life as joyous as possible.

My rad daughter Sophie is doing well in pre-school, and starts kindergarten next year. My husband Aron has found a job, and we are still running Twisted Heroes and Lola Rocks clothing. Time really does speed right along. 

As for me? Well, I still love fashion, makeup, cult tv shows, and pinup. But I am also commuting 4 days a week to hang out with my mom, trying to run our businesses, and most of all be a good mother, wife, and friend. Blogging is (obviously) no longer a major priority for me. But, it's something I keep coming back to, even 8 years into it. I like to write, and I like to share fashion, beauty, art, slices of life, and randomness that make up my world. I know blogging has fallen out of fashion somewhat, and I'm totally fine with that. It doesn't have to be about comments, or partnerships, or monetizing this space. It can be just for me, and if you would like to come along for the ride, that is awesome, too.

Here are some life nuggets from the past 5 months:
One of our first trips back to magical Vilano Beach.
Day trip to the Alligator Farm in February.
Mother's Day sushi hunting with my Mom.
Isabella Rossellini and Kyle MacLachlan at David's Lynch's Festival of Disruption in Brooklyn. My mind was blown that day! My BFF Shawna was with me, and she saw her first David Lynch film that was Blue Velvet. I'll be composing a post on this rad event very soon.
Misti, Shawna, and me at the Violent Femmes/Echo and the Bunnymen show in St Augustine. Much beer, dancing, and Ubering took place that night! It was an evening of spontaneous fun, and I felt young for the first time in a very long while. It was a much needed night with my ladies!
Fashion wise, I have been living in these casual Old Navy dresses. They are lightweight and perfect for the thick Florida humidity. 

The past 5 months can really only be summed up with the below Twin Peaks memes:
I'll end this post with some real talk. The past 5 months have been an emotional roller coaster ride...and I don't like roller coasters. I don't like heights. I don't like uncertainty.

I've struggled with balancing my many roles, my new responsibilities, my new life here in Florida. We hit the ground running the month we moved back home, and I have known stress like I have never known before. It has changed me, and hopefully for the better.

 Some days I am a boss lady, handling shit right and left. Other days, I just work here...part time. Other days I am just getting by, but those days are fewer and fewer. I'm learning to take time for myself, so that I can be present for my family and friends. Learning to take time for the small, enjoyable things in life...not just the go, go, go until I can go no more. Time to rest. 

So, I am home again. Can we ever really go home again? Not exactly, but this is close enough for me. 


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