Monday, July 9, 2012

My Favorite Thing: An Ode to The Maxi Dress

Oh maxi dress, how I adore thee...

Like so many fashion bloggers, I have become a bit obssessed with the maxi dress trend this year. While I usually prefer my dresses around knee length, I must say that a full length dress is super comfortable in the summertime.

My only gripe is that designers tend to make maxi dresses strapless, and for my chest size, that generally doesn't work. Would it kill the deisgners to throw me a little sleeve now and then?

Here is a rundown of some of my favorite maxi dresses. The first two I own, the rest are just a dream.

(available at Lola-Rocks Clothing)

So how are you guys liking the maxi dress trend this year? Yay or nay?

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  1. I haven't bought any yet but some of them look really pretty. I'd need some ones with straps to be able to wear them to work or some kind of shrug to go with them.

  2. I do like it! I own two that I love and one that I am so-so about. I actually like it until I was pictures of myself in it!

    All of the maxis you chose are darling. The torrid blush and the tribal are especially pretty.

  3. oh that dorothy perkins one is gorgeous! i like maxi dresses, but i second the strapless thing. i just can't stand strapless dresses on me!

  4. My biggest problem with maxis is also the sleeveless and strapless thing -- I would wear them a ton more if I could find ones that allowed me to pair a proper, supportive bra with them!

    Courtney ~

  5. I really like maxi dresses. They are super comfy and can work on so many people!

  6. I love maxis! The one from your store, the color block one totally rocks! I love wearing it. My only complaint is how low the fit in the front, I always have to wear an undershirt with it. I don't particularly care for sleeveless, but it's so hot out when I wear them, I just go ;) I am off to check out the Asos and the Torrid one now!

  7. My problem is that they're too long for me. I know I can chop them off later, but what if the hem has a really pretty design? I do love that Old Navy one!

    ♥ laura
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  8. I agree with you on the strapless idea! I cannot wear strapless clothing to save my life, unless I want to give someone an eyeful! I do like maxi dresses though, they're so easy to wear xx

  9. One can never go wrong in a great maxi dress in my opinion. That Dorothy Perkins goodness is gorgeous! -xx


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