Monday, July 23, 2012

My Favorite Thing: Betsey Johnson Bags

Hello Again!

By now, most of us fashion lovers know that Betsey Johnson filed for bankruptcy back in April. This news broke my heart for both Betsey's employees and for Betsey herself, as I am a long time fan of her clothing and accessories.

Betsey is such a fun, funky, and hopeful presence in the fashion world, that many fashion insiders look for her company to make a comeback. The Betsey Johnson line is still sold in select department stores and online retailers (such as Nordstom, Dillard's, and Zappos), and I hope this is enough to keep her brand alive for the time being.

I took a look at the current Betsey Johnson line styles available, and found some cute things. (I mostly collect her bags, so that's what I had my eye one while writing this post.)

I no longer can find any info on her less expensive and funkier accessories line, Betseyville. I see a few pieces for sale here and there online, but it looks like the retailers are clearing out the merchandise. Hopefully Betseyville will be resurrected again in the very near future.

I wanted to share some of my Betseyville/Betsey Johnson bag collection. Warning-I love purses more than your average woman.

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  1. You have such a cute collection of Betsey bags! I agree that it's really sad that she had to file for bankruptcy and hopefully this is not the end of the brand. I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Guess who owns a pink bag just like your black and white ones?? Ughh, you made me get it, lol! I can't believe I walked around with it in my hand for hours at the store only to put it back and have to spend more for on it in eBay!! I totally love that teal and black one and the domed one! Great collection. Maybe it was a reorganization of her stuff through bankruptcy and she will restructure her company and come back better than ever.

  3. It is most definitely sad that she declared bankruptcy. She has such cute stuff, and her style as well as her line is so funky fresh! Though I've never personally purchased anything, I always oo & aaah it when I see it in stores.

  4. I just love Betsy Johnson too - her stuff is always so fun and quirky. The bankruptcy thing is super sad.

    Courtney ~

  5. it is really sad that after all those years they had to declare bankruptcy. i know her name was licensed to at least one company (i met them at a travel goods show, they made the betseyville stuff) so maybe her name and branding/style will live on through that. who knows.

    i love that teal and black polka dot bag - and your collection has lots of cute things as well!

    <3 katherine
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  6. I've only recently fallen into purses, but (along with high heels), I've been catching up. It makes me sad that they've declared bankruptcy, but like you said, hopefully they'll come back!


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