Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Our Christmas was wonderful this year; relaxing, festive, and fun. There was good times and cocktails with friends, sweet times with the hubby, and (of course) a bounty of yummy food.

Christmas Eve was spent cooking and watching our favorite Christmas movies: Love Actually and the 80s classic, Better Off Dead. So maybe Better Off Dead isn't exactly a Christmas movie, but a portion of it takes places during the holidays, so that's good enough for us :)

We decided to go for a walk to work up an appetite for Christmas Eve noms. I am wearing my old Old Navy coat, Old Navy hat, and Forever 21 gloves.

I made some Jalapeno Cornbread on Christmas Eve as well. My friend Leah shared this family recipe with me years ago, and it has been a favorite ever since. But it is a secret recipe, so no sharing......but...
....I think I can share this recipe for tortellini salad, a recipe that Aron's Mom shared with me. I will be doing a recipe tutorial for this dish this week :)

Aron watching Better Off Dead

Christmas Day was filled with presents, food, and good times with our friends Ben and Tracy.
I wore my Pure Energy dress, Mossimo cardigan, and Forever 21 plus leggings. Please excuse the kitty dishes in the background. I wanted to be cute yet comfortable, and I have been obsessed with floral dresses for a while now-maybe forever :)
Aron gave me the Pamela Love bird claw necklace I've be dreaming of :)

Ben and Tracy came over, and we ate yummy food and opened presents.
Aron and me with our presents from Ben & Tracy. He received some awesome World of Strange shirts, and Tracy made me an amazing, retro, reversible apron with with my name monogrammed on one side, and "I Wanna Baked Potato", on the other. "I Wanna Baked Potato" is a joke from several conventions ago. When asked what I wanted to eat (or how I was doing for that matter), I would say "I Wanna Baked Potato". I have a tendency to go catatonic at comic conventions :)

I cried when I received this beautiful apron. It meant so much to me that she made it, and that it was a personalized to fit my crazy personality.

So, we had a wonderful Christmas! It is difficult to be away from our friends and family in Florida, but spending time with our friends in Tennessee is delightful. How were your holidays this year?

I will be back tomorrow to share more of my Christmas loot!



  1. we love better off dead too! the exchange students mom saying 'CHRIST! MAS!" is one of my favorite parts! my husband and i quote her all the time!

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday - love all the photos (and I really love your yellow gloves with the all black look).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I love that apron! I think it would be awesome to have an apron that said, 'I wanna baked potato' on it LOL. I also love Better Off Dead! John Cusack was so hot when he was young, and he still is :)


  4. Love those bright yellow gloves! Adds a punch of color to a winter look!


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