Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fashion Nugget's Frickin' Freezing!!

Good Morning Peeps!

Yes, it is frickin' freezing here in Middle Tennessee! Yesterday morning's temperature was 11 degrees! Hee heee. Honestly, it is a nice change of pace for this Florida girl. I've always loved the cold, and now I actually get to experience it a bit.

Ok, I promised an OOTD (or "Fashion Nugget" as I call them) This is not one of my best, thanks to the poor lighting. I will now resign myself to taking photos outside, or downstairs in the den where the lighting is fab. Also, me and the tripod need to become BFFs. The tripod will not win!

Leggings: Mossimo

Cardigan: Mossimo

The first picture kills me, I am looking a bit pissed. This is an outfit I wore to a cupcake date with my friend Cristal. I felt the dress was a bit short, and ended up throwing on a denim mini at the last minute.

Did I say cupcakes? Yes I did! I am unashamed to be a member of he ever-so-trendy cupcake cult. Cristal and I have had a few cupcake dates at Gigi's, and the cakes are amazing! Tons of butter cream icing, and the cake is very fresh. Love them!

Also had to show you these awesome cupcake ornaments that Cristal made me as a housewarming present! Aren't they awesome? She is a very talented and crafty lady.
Well guys, I have to go back to work. I will be blogging much more in the future.....stay tuned!
Let me remind y'all again that as soon as we hit 100 followers (publicly following via the Google Friend Connect thingie at the top of the blog page). So spread the word :)
Stay warm!


  1. Hey girl, your outfit was so cute in person!!!! :) Thanks for the shout out...

  2. That is warm where I live.... :)
    Love the outfit and the cupcakes....makes me want to start baking!

  3. Lovely lady, lovely dress! Yhe cupcake looks absolutely delicious. Cristal is soooo creative and crafty.


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