Sunday, May 2, 2010

A sort of introduction......

Dear Mr./Ms. Black Hole of the Blog Universe.....

I have no followers, thanks a bunch!

I'm Adrienne, and my alter ego is Lola. Ok, so Lola isn't exactly my alter ego, but pretty close. I wrote three short stories about a girl named Lola when I was about 17 years old. She was bold, fearless, had bleached blonde hair, and was a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Three stories were all I could muster, and then I sort of petered out. Try as I did over the next decade and a half, I could never finish another story about Lola.

Fast forward to 2006. I was living with my now hubby Aron at the time, and trying to earn an extra buck on eBay. I wanted to open an eBay store, and needed a name for her. Hmmmm.............then it came to me. My old pal Lola......Lola......Lola-Rocks. Don't ask where the "Rocks" comes from, or why the words are hyphenated. I couldn't begin to tell you. But, Lola-Rocks Clothing has been chugging ahead for about 4 years now. We even have our own website Gotta love a shameless plug!
The move itself was traumatic, especially when our kitty Sebastian escaped from his carrier and decided he wanted to drive, but we made it. So far so good. Once Spring finally Sprung, things seemed to take a turn for the better, or at last happier. I am now, hopefully, free of the cube farm, and can focus on running Lola-Rocks, and my hubby's website, Twisted Heroes,

I miss home, my friends and family, but I look at Nashville as a new adventure for us! Stay tuned......

Oh yeah, and below are some pics I took last night. Nevermind my silly posing.


  1. Welcome to the area! I'm originally from FL too! The panhandle area around Destin I tell people because they know where that is ;)

    Love your hubby's shirt BTW I just read The Surogets. (sp?)

  2. Thanks guys! I now have 4 followers, whoo hooo! The Surrogates (have no idea how to spell) is one of Aron's fave books. Guess I should read it, huh?


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