Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite Thing: Redheads

So, my favorite thing/people this week are redheads. I realize that sentence might sound a bit pervry, but I promise I don't mean it in that way! I am just a bit obsessed with the beauty that is red hair.

Redheads have endured quite a bit of grief throughout early history, with accusations of witchcraft, volatile tempers, and uncontrolled passions. At least modern times have been a bit kinder. Here are some of my favorite redheads:

Christina Hendricks
Isla Fisher
Amy Adams
 Ann Margret
Rita Hayworth

I was not lucky enough to be born with red tresses. My natural color is a dark brown, but I took care of that when I was 15 years old. I spent the weekend with my friend at her family's beach condo, and decided it was time to become the redhead I had always dreamed of being. So, I bought a bottle or two of L'oreal's Copper Penny, and made it happen. I lied to my mom and told her I had just put a bit of Sun-In in my hair. Somehow that seemed more innocent.

Over the past 20 years, my hair was been dark brown, platinum blonde, and now back to a copper red.  What hair dye do I use? It is Feria #74, Copper Shimmer.

Hope you are all enjoying your day :)



  1. Seeing as how I very recently went from black to red, I totally love this post!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I hear ya!! I love red heads too. I'm actually going to go much redder than I am right now in the next week or two. I'm excited!!

  3. YOU are my favorite Redhead! Love your posts, LOVE your style..... and I especially love your look on life. :)

  4. My favorite redhead was Anne of greengables ;)

    I am back from hibernation with a giveaway, please come check it out ;)

  5. ohh I want to go red with my hair but everytime I do it goes orange haha! I do love red hair though awesome post :D

  6. I love redheads so much that I am marrying one! -- A male. Not a female. Although there is nothing wrong with that. :)

    I'm such a spaz ...
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. I'm in love with redheads!! I actually adore the full on ginger-copper color and am pining away for it. <3

  8. I love red hair. Like oh so a lot. I sported a mahogany shade for the longest time (give or take 6 years), and I even tried a bright apple red one. But I really WANT to have that shade that Christina has.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  9. yesss! agreed. I die for little red head girls as well. BEAUTIFUL. there is something so strikingly stunning about a pretty redhead.

  10. Christina Hendricks is so gorgeous, I have total woman envy over her haha! I love red hair, especially natural red hair. It's one of those hair colours that's really difficult to look natural if you dye it red. I love your blog, following :) xo

  11. I hear you, if I could do the upkeep I'd dye my hair red again.

  12. oh, yeap! same here red hair are sooo pretty!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  13. I adore red hair as well. Wish I could pull off the color. My fave redheaded daring is Ms. Karen Elson.

  14. I love how Hendricks is rocking out red in this gown. Shows that red heads can indeed wear red!

  15. I love your hair color! I really loved mine red too (and dark brown at one point) but the upkeep is killer. I'm naturally a light strawberry/golden blond, and soon to dye back to that from a fading red. :)


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