Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas Times

The past few days have been a holiday whirlwind, and I thought I would share some of the good times with you all :)

Aron and I woke up around 7ish, and proceeded to rip open our presents (Aron did insist on coffee first of course).

My big surprise for him was a piece of art by Ben Templesmith and Karen Zachary Wang. It was auctioned on eBay by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and is from the MTV Geek live event at New York Comic Con. Aron loves it, and that makes me very happy :)

My gifts from Aron were several fab books (Amy Sedaris: Crafts for Poor People, Giada's Everyday Italian, and Sex and the City 2 Movie Book). I also received my Hello Kitty Snuggie set and a fab gift certificate to an spa, plus tons of other stuff. He went a bit nuts this year!

I wore a comfy outfit for Christmas

Old Navy Sweater, Torrid Mini, Mossimo Leggings, and Target Fake Uggs
The sweater is Old Navy and is Misses sizing. It is a "boyfriend cut" and is a little boxy for my curves, but I still love it.

Ben and Tracy came over later to exchange gifts and go see True Grit (which was fab by the way). They loved their books and we loved the T-shirts they made us! Check out their t-shirt company,
World of Strange. It was fun to spend Christmas afternoon with the Ellers :)

Aron and I made fig jam and brie/goat cheese crostinis.

It was rumored that Nashville would have a white Christmas (for the first time in years). The predictions were mostly true, as the majority of the snow began late Christmas evening. Here are some pictures I snapped the day after Christmas...

The snow was cool, but was ill timed, since we wanted to go see the Hobbs the day after Christmas, and us Florida people don't drive much in the snow and ice.

Time to play holiday eBay/website catchup. I hope everyone's holidays have been as fabulous as ours :)



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