Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Party Part Deux

Good Morning Peeps,

Last Friday Aron and I attended his company Christmas party. This is our second Christmas party of the year; the first one was a rad
shindig that we threw a couple of weeks ago.

Office party attire can be tricky. Not too much cleavage, not too short, not too sheer......Though it is not my office, I didn't want to commit any fashion faux pas at my hubby's party. So this is what I went with:

Dress: ASOS

Cardigan: Mossimo

Leggings: Lola-Rocks Clothing

Cami: Old Navy

Necklace and Boots: ebay

I purchased the dress on clearance at ASOS last summer, and hadn't had a chance to wear it. It is completely sheer, but I layered with opaque leggings and a cami, so it worked (I think). I also added my Mossimo cardigan, fave boots, and brass locket necklace I snagged off of ebay. As you can see, the tripod and I are becoming slightly better friends :)

The party itself was relaxed and fun, and I had the chance to meet some of Aron's sweet co-workers. After the party, we headed to The Boro to meet Ben and Tracy to see Spike and Mallets perform. Good times were had, and it was a great show.

Off to pack up last minute Christmas orders!



  1. You look pretty! Love that floaty white dress! It's romantic yet completely work party appropriate! And you have the BEST hair color! Seriously envious over here.

  2. @Kirstin-Thanks! I was a little nervous about it, but I think it worked :)

    @Vanessa-Thanks so much! I have my Feria Copper Shimmer 74 to thank for the hair color :)


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