Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Revenge of the Ants!

We thought we left our buddies back in Saint Augustine, but apparently they decided to pack up and follow us to TN for the Spring. Yes The Ants have arrived! (Or Antsesses as my old boss Jerome used to call them. Pronounced Ant-se-ses. Gotta love the guy! He really was the best.)

Aron opened the front door this morning and there they were, eager to greet us! They began streaming in from the left hand corner. A lost little earth worm tried to make his entrance as well, but he was denied. I threw him in our "flower" bed (more like a dirt bed). Aron started to balk, he reallllly hates these little guys, but I said "Go to work, I've got them." So out came the Windex and an ant trap. Yes, I could invest in some bug spray, but I can't find the organic stuff we used to use, don't want to make the kitties and birdie sick.

Trying to keep the mood light today...feeling somewhat down about the condition Nashville and the surrounding cities are in from the massive flooding. I feel for the people, the families, the
businesses. It just really sucks, there is no other way to put it. Also, my friend Cristal's chickens are gone! Someone either stole them or they flew away during the storm. What kind of bastard would steal chickens? It's very sad :(

I leave you with a pic of me at our beloved Nashville Farmers Market in happier times. The market is still paritally under water and has sustained quite a bit of damage. Such a cool place, I really wish them the best in the cleanup efforts.

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  1. It's hard to be light in this mess. You came just in time! Man ants LOL Kroger has a special organic section and really PUBLIX is pretty good. Don't you have a whole foods somewhere close? I think you might.


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