Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Forever 21/Faith 21

Faith 21

Isn't the top pic just insane! But I loves it.

Yes, I am 33 years old and love me some Forever21/Faith 21. I mostly love Forever 21 for their accessories, since I can't fit into any of their clothing. But, Forever 21 threw us chubby girls a bone and now offers Faith 21, their "plus" size line.

In general, Faith 21 has some good finds. Modern, young clothing, just like you'd find at Forever 21. But, there is a downside-the clothing tends to runs small. It truly is Junior Plus size, so do plan on going up one size. The largest size they carry is a Junior 3X, so that leaves true 3X and 4X girls out of luck in most of their clothing. They provide individual measurements of the 1X on every item, so it is easy to figure out if you will need to go up in sizing. Some of their drapier pieces you can order your true size.

People tend to think that once you hit the age of 21, you are forbidden to shop at Forever 21/Faith 21. I disagree. No, I am not going to rock the pink mesh tutu that falls right below my butt cheeks, but a lovely cardigan with a rose applique, yes I will. It is not the brand or the price of clothing, but what you choose and how it fits your particular shape and style.

Well, enough blogging for now, I have tons of orders to pack. I leave you with a silly pic of me rocking my Faith 21 cardigan/shrug/drapey thing.



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