Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sour Times & Fashion Distractions

I ordered a few looks from F21+ last week, and they arrived today. Here is the lowdown.

This pleated dress is beautiful, and appears to be well made. The cut is a little off on me (because I am short waisted), but I am going to layer it up with a shrug so it should be fine.

I ordered this open chiffon cardigan with embroidery as well. I have been obsessed with finding a vintage-y, bed jacket kind of piece in my size, and this is pretty close. The sizing is a bit small; the size was supposed to be a 2X/3X, but it fit more like a small 2X. But, Forever 21+ is Junior plus size, so that might explain it.

This top is beautiful perfection. You will be seeing quite a bit of it in the future.

I try to "keep it light" in my blog, but the past few days have been rough ones. First, an old illness of mine reared it's ugly head, and I have been in quite a bit of pain. I will spare you the gory details, but it is an abscess-y nightmare that I have been dealing with on and off since 2004. I had a minor procedure performed on it Friday, but it looks like I might be making a trip to the ER in the next day or two, since it doesn't seem to be improving.  

Then, my sweet bird Kiwi is sick. I noticed he wasn't eating much this week, and then he began sleeping constantly. I can't really get around right now, so my sweet friends Cristal and Andrew took him to the vet this morning. He is very sick, and has pneumonia. The vet gave him drugs, and about a 60% chance of survival-which she says is actually good for sick birds. Poor little bird. I've spent the past 2 bawling my eyes out over Kiwi.

Then, the cherry on my life sundae occurs-my laptop dies. I see the blue screen of death, and it is over. Aron thinks he can get data and pics off of it (than goodness), but the laptop itself is dead. Thank goodness I have his to use.

All of this happiness within 5 days of my birthday.

Sorry to vent, but it had to happen.

Hope you are all having a good holiday weekend :)


  1. I understand the desire to keep things positive but sometimes being real means sharing the not so plummy. I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with health issues- not fun. Hang in there and research Turmeric. It's a spice but also a medicine/herb supplement and helps heal all sorts of ailments. I swear by it (I deal with CFS)

    I am sorry to hear about Kiwi. I hope he recovers. And computer issues- blech.

    Hang in there, Adrienne. YOU will survive this! xo. -Bella Q

  2. Hugs love! I hope everything with your illness works out ok.

    I was sorry to hear about Kiwi on Facebook.

  3. thank you sweetie!
    i follow you back1


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