Monday, September 26, 2011

My First Blog Award :)

I received my First Blog Award from the fabulous Sandra at Curvy Smurfette last week!  Thank you Sandra!

I am going to tell you a bit about myself and tag some of my other fave bloggers. Here are 7 random things about myself:
-I am a native Florida girl, born and raised, (though my husband and I recently located to Tennessee).
-I love (and miss) the ocean.
-Black is my favorite color. Yes, in my world, black is a color.
-I met my husband on a blind date.
-I run my eBay businesses for a living, and they keep me very busy.
-I can sing rather well, but am embarrassed to do so (except in front of my friend Shawna).
-I am a bit obsessed with fine cheeses.

Here are the blogs I am giving this award to:
Kirstin Marie
Much Ado About Nothing
Jilly BeansTALK
Crimson Rosella
The Citizen Rosebud
Old Lady Chic
Porcelain Complexion
Minn Chic

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. Aww, congratulations!! I loved reading these little tid bits about you. :) Thank you so much for tagging me! :)

  2. Well done on the award, I too love find out more about fellow bloggers. Thank you for visiting my blog and following, it means alot xxx

  3. Oh yay, you're a sweetie, thanks :)

    You met on a blind date? Wow I didn't think that happened in real life, that's so cool!

    By the way, I totally agree - black is a colour xo

  4. It's nice to learn more about you- I laughed at the color black. Yes. It doesn't exist in nature but sure thrives in my wardrobe, lol.

    Thank you so much for including me in the award! xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. thanks for giving me the blog award!

    xo, Jill

  6. Wow! A successful blind date! That's super cool!


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