Monday, May 3, 2010

We Were Lucky

Good Morning my Four Fab Followers! Decided to brave the sloshy yard and take a look at the what the flood has left us. We were very lucky; our house is set on a steep hill, so we had no damage. Hard to believe that it was so nasty just a few hours ago. My heart goes out to all the people affected by the flooding.

The last picture is on the side of our carport, near our neighbors property. I refuse to mow these "weeds", because I happen to think they are gorgeous, I call it the "Fairy Patch". I'm sure our neighbors just loooovvvveeee us. That's why they don't acknowledge our exisitence! :)

Well, off to take care of the crazy animals and work on Aron's eBay. I will try to post some fashion related fun later in the day.


  1. I love daisies, wild or not they rock!

  2. Our neighbors have never acknowledged us and we've lived in like a zillion different places...AND we're totally cool so I say let that fairy patch grow!! ;) PS: Do you need us to send you some pink flamingos for your yard? LOL

  3. Your neighbors should check my yard! I pay a migrant farm worker $5 to mow two cleared acres.....oops, that's my eleven year old daughter. I don't have neighbors:) Flamingos are an excellent idea. I have a goat you could use. It could do a number on their yards. Your daisies will look even better!

  4. A goat and pink flamingos and we'll be all set!


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