Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Funny Books and Such

Hello Again!

As promised, here are some more life nuggets from last weekend. Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, which happens to be my husband's favorite holiday. Here is a photo of him eyeing the freebies at Outer Limits Comics.

Funnnnyyyyy books!

Captain American partaking in a cupcake.

Captain America with a cupcake

Yea funny books!

I's gots funny books

We hit up several comic book shops that day, it was an all day kind of adventure. Here is Aron walking up to Rick's Comic City, his eyes gleaming with joy at the .50 sidewalk sale. Free Comic Book day isn't just about the free funny books, it is mostly about the huge sales.

Customers going apeshit on the .50 books. I took one look at this madness and headed down to the thrift store. Aron found ALOT of stuff.

Funny booksssss

After Rick's Comic City I was HUNGRY! I was craving a Red Robin burger, so we paid them a visit. In case you care, I am wearing an Old Navy Knit dress, Lola-Rocks Clothing cardigan, Betseyville bag, and the silver seashell necklace I can't seem to take off.


Nom, nom, nom. It didn't quite hit the spot, I'm not sure why?


Yea I'm (kind of) full!

Yea Red Robin!

Aron just loves having his photo taken.


We visited a few more comic shops, and called it a day. On the last visit, I spotted something creepy and fabulous. The comic shop we visited was next to a custom tire shop, behind the carport, was this creepy, ancient, stuffed panda. Mr. Panda, you scare the shit out of me!


On a blog note, I have started using larger photos via flickr? What do you think?
Hope you are all having a fabulous day!



  1. You look cute! Yeah on finding great deals :)

    Your picture made me even more hungry! Off to find more food.

  2. You look gorgeous! I really dig your cardi (again), and your cat eye sunglasses are killer.


  3. aww the pictures are SO adorable, you're such a cutie. And I definitely like the new size, they seem a lot clearer too. AND I love the outfit, the little bow tie (pin?) is the cutest. Happy Friday. xx veronika


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