Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brick O'Cheese and Black Friday

Hello Peeps,

Wanted to share some tidbits from my Thanksgiving/Black Friday fiesta. We had a fab dinner at Cristal and Andrew's house, and stopped by Ben and Tracy's later that night. I really am thankful for the new friends we have made in Tennessee.

Here is a picture of the Brick O' Cheese I made for the dinner:

The year before last, I made the mistake of changing up mac and cheese recipes from my usual Brick O' Cheese. Aron's dad, Grover, made it clear that while the other mac and cheese was OK, he would need the Brick O' Cheese from here on out, lol.

We decided not to partake in the Black Friday madness this year. But when I woke up at 8am, not having punched a lady in the face over a printer, I felt as though something was missing in my life. So I decided to make the pilgrimage to The Walmart to check out their deals...

Hey, I had to bring a touch of glamour to The Walmart, lol! Torrid jacket, old jeans and boots.

I am still on the fence about the jacket; it is one step from a rabbit fur hooker jacket, but I think it works. And if it doesn't, who really cares?
I must say Walmart really had their shit together. I was in and out with my $59 camera in a snap! Now Target was another story.....

Yep, this was the line through the center of the store, just to get to the checkout area! Once you came closer to the registers, they separated the massive line into three little lines, then directed you to which register you should go to. It caused more chaos than it was worth.

So, later yesterday we put up our tree. It is a little Charlie Brownish, but cute. Here is a fuzzy iPhone pic of the tree, and our kitty Z trying contemplating eating the tree skirt.

Well, I have about 50 orders to pack today, yea! The post office is going to love us!



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  1. That mac n cheese looks yummy...I might have to go make some now!
    Kristina J.


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