Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello Peeps,

Yes, I have been in my home state of Florida for the past 6 days and had a blast! I got to visit with friends and family, shop, and eat waaayyyy too much fabulous food! I am now back in Nashville, and have quite a bit of catching up to do on both eBay businesses, but I wanted to take a moment and share my adventures with my followers.

I flew in on Wednesday morning via Southwest. I love to fly; it gives me time to relax, read a magazine, and reflect on life in general.

I read Marie Claire's Fall issue on the flight. Pretty rad issue, you might want to pick it up.

Approaching Jacksonville......

My beautiful Mom picked me up from the airport, it was so good to see her!

We spent the next two days catching up, shopping, and eating fabulous food. I really do have the best Mom ever, I love and miss her so much!

I found some great fashion bargains in FL that I will share in depth on tomorrows blog. Here is a pic me holding my new BCBG bag we found for over half price at TJ Maxx. It was my early birthday present from my Mom and Aron :)

Dress: Pure Energy at Target

Bag: BCBGmaxazaria

On Friday I left to hang out with my BFFs, Shawna, Misti, and Leah. I love these girls more that I can say. I have known them since high school, and we have been through everything together. They truly are the sisters I never had.

Me, Shawna, and Misti. (For the fashion curious, I'm wearing a cropped top by Sweet Love, tank by Faith 21, Torrid denim skirt, Matt and Nat clutch bag, and a brass necklace and headband from Target)

Friday night we ended up going to Bukkets in Jacksonville Beach. Jax Beach will always feel like home to me. I worked and lived close to the beach for years, and most of our "partying days" were spent there. Here is a blurry night time picture of us walking to Bukkets.

Shawna and Misti's friend Jubal was down from Georgia as well.

Here is a picture of us and our beer. We had a few pitchers that night :)

The next night Leah and her friend Chuck came over. Here is a picture of the four of us. I am wearing my fave Grecian-style Torrid dress :)

I'm amazed at the personal and physical transformation Leah has undergone in the past 2 years. I admire her so :)

At Chilli's, we sat next to a group of interesting people, some sort of Turtle Society??? I never really got the gist of it, but as far as I could gather it was not a save the sea turtles kind of thing, more of a drinking society deal. They were rather loud, and at one point said they needed to recruit more Turtles that night. Leah (in her soft Disney Character Voice) says, "I want to be a Turtle." LOL! So, we all ended up being initiated as Turtles, though we have no frickin' idea what it is really about. Here are some cute Leah Turtle Initiation pics:

Yep, the guy wore a green Shriner's style hat and everything. It was pretty intense.

On Sunday afternoon, I headed over to hang out with my fabulous in-laws Karen and Grover. I just love them, they are so fun! We ended up having a few beers and eating at Aunt Kate's. Below is a cute pic of Karen and Grover.

The dock at Aunt Kate's is gorgeous......

We went to Vilano Beach on Monday morning to pick seashells to take home. I had such a nice time!

You may wonder what I miss most about Florida? Well, honestly I miss my family and friends the most. Secondly, I miss the ocean. Though Nashville is beautiful, I feel rather landlocked here. It is strange not to be close to the water. Here are some random beach pics I took on my visit:

I missed my Aron mucho on this trip. It was fabulous to see him again last night! We relaxed and he fixed me cheese tortellinis. I really need to start eating better, ASAP.

My trip was fab, but now it is time for me to get back to work. Remember, today is the last day to enter our fab giveaway!

I'll leave you with a picture of the Spanish Moss covered oak trees and coquina shell walls of the Fountain of Youth in St Augustine.

Hope you all have a fab day!



  1. Glad you are home but also so happy you got to feel at home again and see friends! :) Happy for your trip I know you needed it! I bet you are kind of sad to be back in TN :(

  2. Adorable pictures! So glad you're having such a lovely time. And I was thinking about picking up Marie Claire; I've never read it before, actually. Good to know you liked it :)

  3. Thanks y'all! I do miss FL, but am starting to think of Nashville as my new home :) Marie Claire is generally pretty good stuff!


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