Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fashion Nugget of the Day: ASOS Dress Review

Hello Peeps,

We are set up selling funny books and other goodies at the Paranormal Fest in Murfreesboro, TN today. Let's hope today is a bit busier than last night :)

I finally wore one of my ASOS purchases on Thursday. One of the reasons for the delay in wearing this dress was that it had to be ironed. There are few things in this world that I truly hate, but ironing is surely one of them. But, I bucked up and ironed the dress, and rocked it with my fave brass necklace from Target. I am all about long, vintage style, brass necklaces these days.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this look. I loved the dress on the 6 foot tall, size 12 model on the ASOS website, but I am 5'5, rather busty, with short duck legs. This isn't self hate or anything like that, but I'm just not sure if this look works for me? Feel free to let me know if this is a fashion don't :)



  1. OMG the dress makes you look so soft and pretty! I loves it

  2. The color suits you very well! Very girly pretty. =)

    x Mavy

  3. I think this is gorgeous on you and i love the necklace too.

    S x

  4. I bought this same one and ooooh I wanted to like it so bad. But when I put it on, I hated it and sent it back. I really don't like how it's not fitted under the bust. Dresses look a lot better on me if my boobs are sticking out more than everything else is, and this dress didn't highlight that enough. It seemed kind of young, or...something. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it wasn't the fit I was hoping for. Luckily ASOS returns are super freakin' easy! I dropped off the pkg at the post office, paid for it with my debit card ($5, their shipping facility for returns is here in Atlanta), and I had the credit for the return back in my bank account before the charge for the postage even went through! That was awesome.

  5. You are working this dress. It looks gorgeous on you :)I love peach.

  6. The color looks awesome on you! I really like it.

  7. I really like this on you. The colour & cut are perfect on you!
    Loving the cute pendant too xo


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