Friday, November 7, 2014

Life Nuggets: Fall Edition

Hello Again!

I had grand plans of weekly Mommy and Me outfit posts, but those haven't exactly panned out. Heck, blogging hasn't been happening much at all! But, I've decided that my roles as Mommy, Wife, and small business owner aren't going to allow for regular blogging. I've decided to blog how I wish (and when I am able), and not to stress too much about it. So, I thought I'd share what my Fall has been like thus far; friends and fam, books, fashion, and all of those fun little Life Nuggets. 

//Family and Friend time//

Our little Sophie is doing great! It is hard to believe that, on the 29th of October, she turned 9 months old! She is saying Ga-Ga, Ba-ba, Da-da, Ma-ma, and a million other noises and combinations. She hates to sit up, but can now do so. She likes to pull herself across the floor, and crawl backwards. She is amazing!

I'm so excited to share in all the Fall seasonal activities with my little one. We took her to the Walden Farm pumpkin patch a few weeks ago, we all had a blast. Well, I think Aron and I had more fun than little Sophs :)
We've also had fun with friends this month. Here are a couple of pics from Amber's birthday lunch:


I'm one of those who was late to the Gone Girl party, but man am I glad I showed up! It took me about a week to get through this novel (baby and businesses and all), but I was determined to finish it before I saw the film. Gone Girl is both incredibly exciting and disturbing, and now I have to get my hands on all of Gillian Flynn's novels.


Gone girl wins again! I love David Fincher films, and he did not disappoint with this adaptation. 

Shelly, Amber, Michelle and I went to see the film and made a girl's afternoon of it. Amber, Shelly, and I stopped by Chili's afterwards. 

Aside from the constant tunes of Sophie's Baby Einstein toys, I haven't been listening to music too much lately. One exception  is Lana Del Rey, and her album Ultraviolence. I know many people dislike Lana, and I used to be one of them, but once I listened to her music I was hooked.


I've always been a dress, cardigan, and leggings kind of girl, but since I had Sophie, I find skinny jeans, tops or sweaters, and flats work better for me. I'm shocked to find myself writing this! 
I do still love my dresses, and have a nice collection of them, but they are no longer my go tos. I still make myself wear one every once in a while :)

Here are some of my favorites from this fall:

 1// Torrid Kiss V-Neck Sweater
2// Torrid Animal Print Sweatshirt
3// Forever 21 Plus Everyday Skinny Jeans

I absolutely love these two tops from Torrid. They are comfortable and always make me feel sassy. The jeans are only $9.90, and while I am trying not to support F21 too much, I can't really beat the price and fit. I'm one of those weirdos who hate any kind of fading or streaking on jeans, so the indigo works perfectly for me. 

I still like to keep a little glamour to my look, so I've been obsessed with last years Torrid Cheetah coat. 
Well, that is it for my Fall Life Nuggets roundup. I am off to work on a past due post about Sophie's First Halloween! Stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by!

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