Thursday, March 28, 2013

Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival

Hello Again!

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. We are still playing catch up from our epic MegaCon/Florida trip. I will post some geekery nuggets soon, I promise!

We (being Twisted Heroes and Lola-Rocks Clothing) have been busy gearing up for our next convention, Nashville's Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival! I look forward to this show all year. There will be fab celebrities, tattoo artists, and vendors. 

Here is a sneak peak of some items Lola-Rocks will be selling:
3) Scorned Camisole

We will also have our original Cherry Bomb design for sale!
If you plan on attending, stop by the Twisted Heroes booth and say hi! 

Check out this video for more info. See ya there!


  1. I will definitely look for your booths while I am there. We are getting their when it opens saturday bc my friends wanna get in line early to meet Norman Reidus. They are insane. I'll come find you and say hi this time instead of awkwardly thinking, "I think I read her blog!" while you stand inches away from me.

  2. I really admire all the work you put into Lola Rocks Clothing, Adrienne - you have such a passion for what you do, it's really inspiring :) Love these little peeks at your collection, the cherry bomb is adorable!


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