Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MegaCon 2012

Hello Again!

I've been meaning to blog about our MegaCon adventure for about a month now! MegaCon is a large comic/pop-culture convention held yearly in Orlando. We headed down to Florida to set up and sell our wares there back in mid-February. We mainly sold rad funny books and toys from the Twisted Heroes side of our businesses, but we squeezed in a few items from Lola's Lovelies as well.

We drove the 11 hours to Florida in over two days, then waited in line for a while to setup our booth.

Once we finally reached the loading dock, we started to unload the truck. We received so much help from our friends Steve and Davida, Leech, Tom & Trina, and more. We really couldn't have done it without them.

 Friday morning, first day if the convention. I had to get a pic next to the truck.
Dress: City Chic
Lace Shrug: Ross
Hair Flower: Andy's Eye Candy
More first day photos. Here we are, putting the final touches on our massive, 3 spot booth. Thank goodness Steve and Davida were there to help us that weekend! It was great to hang out with them as well :)

The convention was about to open, but I had to get a pic of me and Aron.

Friday is really the only day where I had an opportunity to walk around the convention. We were slammed with customers on Saturday and Sunday, which is a good thing :) Here are some costume pics.

 The Dude
I have no idea who she is, but she is pretty!
 Awesome Power Girl costume
Hey, Tyrone stopped by our booth!
Saturday was a madhouse, as you can see.....
 Yep, that's the line waiting to get in.
 Trina stopped by before we opened :)
Saturday was so incredibly busy, that I didn't get a chance to take many photos. But here is a cool one of lady with a Lenore tattoo.

Later that day, Shawna and Chris drove up from Jacksonville to hang out, woo hoo! They also needed to check out the spectacle that is MegaCon. We all went out to dinner at Ming Court that night, where I snapped a few photos of me and Shawna. I miss her so much!
Sunday was the last day of the convention, also known as load out day. I snapped a few more pics.
 My Lola's Lovelies display
 Davida wearing Lola's Lovelies
 The load out gang. So thankful to them all! Miss them as well :(
Aron is done

Well, there you have it. MegaCon was a great show for us. It was alot of hard work, but totally worth it. It was great to catch up with friends as well!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. omg!!! I love cons! We were planning on going to one this year, but that fell through so now I am super sad.

    That power girl costume is indeed tooooo coool!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  2. Sounds like a fabulous time, I've probably already mentioned this before but my boyfriend and I toyed with the idea of going and I'm really kicking myself that we didn't, I heard it was a lot of fun. I love your City Chic dress and lace shrug, the cherry dress is too cute too. A few of my close friends were there, I will have to ask them if they remember your booth! What fabulous necklaces btw.


  3. I like events like this, my flatmates used to go to the one in Anaheim I would make their costumes. I never went to them though. It's sounds like it was a great time, love the photos!

  4. This looks like a fun event!! Your booth is HUGE!!

  5. Absolutely fantastic!!!! You're pretty fantastic and you've got great blog here! Have a great day and a brilliant week ahead!



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