Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Nugget of the Day...Mixing it Up

Hello Peeps,

It has been a busy day here in Lola Land, but I wanted to share with you my Fashion Nugget of the Day. Well, actually yesterday. I have wanted to try pairing a graphic tee with my fave skirt of the summer for a while now. I finally tried it yesterday, and it seemed to work out OK.

Top: Walmart. Yes I said it, Walmart. I lurrvvee the Beatles.

Skirt: Pure Energy, Target clearance rack

Shoes: Ross (I wear these about 5 days a week, in case you haven't noticed.

Sunglasses: Calvin Klein, from Marshall's clearance

The sunglasses I'm wearing here have been my go-tos for the past year. I have been searching for modified cat's eye look, but never quite find the right ones. I have a difficult time finding glasses to fit my big head. Seriously, it is an issue!

I did see these on eBay. Even used, they go for around $50-$60. They are Ray-Ban, and they are classic, but it's really not in the budget at this time.

Well guys, I have to go cook dinner, wash clothing, all that glamorous stuff. Some friends are coming over tomorrow to have a True Blood Season One viewing, so that should be good times. I making vampire cupcakes, heee heee. Have a good weekend everyone!



  1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm a HUGE Beatles fan as well, recently got a John Lennon tattoo :)


  2. I love your look! You're inspiring me to mix it up a little bit :)

  3. Thanks y'all! Love both of your blogs :)

  4. Hello!

    I lived in FL and I'm in Nashville!
    Nice to have found your blog! :)

    Fabiola "Fab"

  5. Adrienne you are SO pretty! And I am LOVING that skirt. Thanks for popping by my blog; I'm following yours now, too!


  6. How sweet Leila, thank you!


  7. What a Happy Outfit. Love the color of your skirt! One can definitely find some great deals at Target! :) You also have a very endearing smile. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet compliment :)

  8. I love your tee! Outfit looks good!


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