Friday, July 23, 2010

A Romper and Krystals kind of Friday

Hello Again,
I'm trying to get into the habit of blogging daily. Today I played around with our camera, and tried to get some decent pics of one of my fave outfits: my Eyeshadow Plus Size Tie Dye Romper.

Yes, plus size women can wear rompers and jumpsuits! It is all about the fit, and having the confidence to rock the look. Plus size rompers are very hard to find. I bought this one early in the season, from Macy's online. I had an amusing time trying to get some decent pictures of my look:

OK, this one looks a little blurry, even "dewy" you might say. Hee heee

Ok, a little better. Let's try for more of a close up. Now let me make sure this dang self timer is on.....

Uhhhhh....I guess it wasn't hee heeee.

Alright, this one is OK. As you can see, I definitely need to work on my camera skills.

It was unbelievably hot outside today, and this was part of the reason I wanted to rock my breezy romper. This was my outfit for running to the post office and recycling hub. Sooo glamorous, right?

Well, my afternoon ended with my favorite Friday treat, Double Cheese Krystals! Nothing compares to these babies, seriously. Once a week fast food is my limit. Maybe it is too often, but it keeps me sane...

Well, lunch and a movie at the Belcourt tomorrow with Aron and friends :) Will try to snag some pics to share.



  1. Love the romper! You def rock it!

  2. OK you look HAWT!!!!!!!!!! Smoking hot these pictures rock!!!!!!

  3. i love that romper.. im still trying to find one with the perfect fit.. and those burgers look dee-lish lol


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