Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh Mad Men, how I've missed you!

Oh Mad Men, how long has it been? 6 months? Or more? Oh the insanity!

My favorite show in the whole wide world (sorry True Blood) returns this Sunday, and I am soooo excited! Well written, beautifully acted, and oh the clothing! The fabulous clothing!

One particular episode stands out in my mind this morning-we'll call it "Marilyn or Jackie", though I am not sure if that is the true title. The guys and Peggy were working on the Platex ad campaign, and were discussing who women really want to be. Of course, the fabulous guys decide that women want to be who men want them to be! Wowzers. Anyways, it was decided (though Peggy rightfully disagreed) that all women either want to be Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Kennedy, that these are the only two types of women that exist. Though I completely disagree, it was still a fascinating episode The men strolled around the office labeling all the women as a "Jackie" or a "Marilyn". Except one-Joan. They took one look at her and said "Marilyn is a Joan."

Which brings us to the fashion portion of this blog: Joan Holloway of Mad Men, played by the gorgeous Christina Hendricks.

Let's start with this, Joan doesn't take any shit from anyone, at least not in the workplace (her personal life is another matter). She is Sterling Cooper's office manager, runs a tight ship, and looks amazing while doing so! She dons pencil skirts, form fitting dresses, heels, and her gorgeous red hair. She's the office bombshell, yet she commands respect.

I think that, subconsciously, Joan is the reason I decided to be a redhead again. I realized that redheads can have just as much fun as platinum blondes (without wrecking havoc on my poor hair).

Ok my dears, I am off to work. There are comic books and clothes to be packed :) I will try to blog more latter today. I leave you with a fab Joan video I found on YouTube. Have a fabulous day!



  1. Love this post! I cannot wait for mad men on sunday. I adore everything about it. I also have a slight girl crush on Joan and her clothing. One moment that stands out for me is in season 1 I believe where she has the fabulous leopard coat. I have looked everywhere for a picture of it, yet cannot find it.

  2. Thanks Carly! I know what coat you are speaking of, I need to go on a google image hunt for it!


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