Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peplum Power!

Hello Again!

I apologize for my long absence. We returned from selling our wares at Megacon early last week, so life has mainly been about playing catchup.

I know I am super late to the Oscars fashion party, but I have to discuss the peplum dresses spotted on the red carpet. My favorite dresses of the night belonged to Michelle Williams and Tina Fey.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Tina Fey in custom Carolina Herrera

Michelle's dress was jaw dropping in my opinion. I adored the color, the fabric, and the little details of the bow pin and pink clutch. Tina's look was rich and sophisticated, and looked stunning on her. What do both of these dresses have in common? They are both peplum style gowns!

I have never been a fan of peplum styles. I was under the impression that they gave women a bulky, hip-y appearance. I was hesitant about trying out this look, but decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago and try this Torrid skirt. Boy was a wrong about peplum!

Cardigan and Tank: Mossimo
Skirt: Torrid
Flats: Report
Bag: Betseyville
Sweater Clip: Vintage
Necklace & Hair Flower: Lola's Lovelies

I love this skirt immensely! It is flattering, highwaisted, and one where you can tuck in form fitting blouses. But....I must say that I am not proud of the quality of these photos! The only decent one is the first, which Aron took with my IPHONE. I have been saying this for a while now, but I will be investing in a decent camera...soon. I need to save up a bit longer, but it will happen. I've heard the Cannon Rebel is a good one. Any thoughts?

The day I wore this outfit I had lunch with Aron at Chili's. It was an emotionally draining day, but it felt good to get dressed up and spend time with my sweet husband. I also stopped off at Ross for a bit of shopping. I found 2 Betseyville bags, both for a third of the retail price!  I adore roomy, crossybody bags. My other leopard Betseyville has seen better days, so I thought it was time to replace her.

I need to add a disclaimer to my purchase postings. I am a big time bargain shopper, I refuse to pay retail for most things. So it might look like I am breaking the bank at time, but trust me, I am not. Still, I guess I should have put this money towards a new camera, huh?

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday!


  1. Thanks for following along on my blog - excited to have found you as well! I've been hesitant about peplum as well, but it is super flattering on you, I might have to consider it for myself too...

  2. Woohoo! That skirt looks amazing on you. I love peplum. There was a peplum skirt similar on ASOS but sold out in my size. pooh. I do, however have two peplum blouses on the way!! :)

  3. I felt the same way about this trend. I thought it would make a person look wider but it doesnt. You look great!

    Stop by & enter my Vedette giveaway!

  4. ohh you look super cute. I haven't seen skirts or dresses like that. I'll have to find one now ;)

  5. That skirt is so cute on you!
    I love pepulums - they're ladylike and fun

  6. I love my Canon Rebel xsi. I need to upgrade the starter lens, but the camera is the best low-end digitals. I also love my iphone camera. If it came with an tripod I would use it even more! I even hear you can buy special lenses for your iphone camera- so that's on my list.

    I love a good peplum. Everything looks fun and flirty!


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