Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fall Wishlist Part One

Yes, like every other blogger in the land, I am presenting you with my Fall wishlist. Am I the only one who starts planning my Fall wardrobe in July? Didn't think so :)

My Fall style (and style in general) seems to be a hybrid of retro/pinup looks with a dash of earthy and hard edge stuff thrown in. I have no idea if this works or not, but let's hope it does.

ASOS CURVE Embroidered Shoulder Bed Jacket

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Katie Lace Dress

Black Cherry Lace Back Cardigan

I can't currently afford the ASOS items on my wish list, so I will be patient and hope they end up on clearance one day.

Now, onto wishes that came true. I purchased this ASOS maxi dress on sale a few weeks ago, and it fits well, aside from being about a foot too long. But then again, I am 5'5.

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Tank Maxi Dress

I purchased the sweater below with my Torrid Haute Cash. I was up in the air about the pattern/color, but I am glad I took the gamble and purchased it. The fit is AMAZING! Trust me ladies, you want this sweater. I think I will pair it with the maxi dress and boots, when it's not 97 degrees outside.

The last dress was purchased last night. It is on sale for around $25, so I went for it. I love to layer shorter dresses with leggings, boots, and sweaters in the Fall and Winter.

Well, back to reality. Hope you all have a fab weekend :)



  1. That Cherry lace back sweater is the SHHEEETT! :)

  2. ASOS is seriously one of my favorite sites. I have so many items in my saved cart!! I LOVE that black cherry lace back cardigan. It's so cute!

  3. Great choices. Love both of the cardigans. I have to admit, Asos is becoming my new addiction.

  4. That peach top (in the first photo) is so pretty! I can see it transitioning well from summer to fall. (i'm still enjoying summer so much that I can't bear the thought of fall shopping!)

  5. That lace dress is so beautiful. It is also stepping into my wishlist! Thanks for the heads up :)

  6. Nice selection !


  7. Such great pics, I love that cherry embellished cardi!

  8. What an amazing wishlist!! Wouldn't it be wonderful if money grew on trees!!!
    I love the colours & cuts, they're all stunning

  9. I just saw someone yesterday at the craft fair rocking a leopard print sweater, and I'm thinking- I need one too.


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