Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Favorite Things: Our Backyard

We had a very busy weekend, which involved Free Comic Book Day, and a viewing of Thor! More on these festivities later this week, I promise.

My Favorite Thing for this Monday is our backyard. When we bought our home back in October, I had no idea how much I would fall in love with this outdoor space. Right beyond the rocks there is a drop that leads to a small creek, and the wooded area lies behind it.

Ahhhhh serenity.....Aron and I ate breakfast on the patio Saturday morning. Is it weird that I am excited about our patio furniture? We found it at Walmart last weekend on sale.

Word of advice; if you are going to go for it and do bagels with cream cheese, please buy the full fat kind. Please. Even the reduced fat stuff I bought tasted like plastic. Of course, I still ate it :)

I'm wearing a cute bow cardigan Lola-Rocks Clothing got in this week. (Lola-Rocks Clothing is my business in case you are wondering). It really is adorable. Also, I put a streak in my hair last week. The main purpose of the bleached streak was to cover the massive gray streak that is forming :)

Our kitty Sebastian likes to join us on the patio, mainly to partake in some yummy grass and greens.
Hope you all have a fabulous week!



  1. That cardigan looks so cute! I love that picture of you.

    Full fat cream cheese is a must. I discovered that years ago :)

  2. Cute shirt. Love your Walmart patio set. We just need to get new seat covers for ours.

    Yes some things just can't go 'diet' on. Ice Cream and cream things are a must! Just have to eat less of them ;)

  3. Patio furniture makes me happy too :)

  4. Your backyard looks AMAZING! The grass is so green and pretty. I have to start working on mine ASAP!


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