Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You say it's your birthday.....

Hello Peeps,

Though my birthday has been a month long celebration, today is my actual day of birth. I was born at high noon on a full Pisces moon, which accounts for my love of fatty food, fluffy animals, the ocean (not general Virgo traits, lol). Enough astrology strangeness, here are some snippets of my life over the past few weeks.

We spent this weekend at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. Our friends Ben and Tracy from World of Strange had a booth and we helped them sell their fab t-shirts. I had never been to Dragon Con, but was warned that it is a big mother of a convention, and it was. Though it was tiring, we had so much fun with Ben and Tracy! Here are some pics of the madness:

Me and Aron at the booth

Ben and Tracy

The massive crowds

Jem costume

Conan maybe?

Beautiful, but I have no idea....

Body paint costumes, Kabuki comic characters

Yes, I got to meet Kristen Bauer, who plays Pam on True Blood! She was a sweetheart, and I had no idea what to say to her! I think I just said "Hi, my name is Adrienne" lol.

It was a great time all around. Ate too much, drank too much, laughed too much. Ben and Tracy introduced us to the youtube sensation that is the Turtle Zombie Kid. Check it out below. I must have said "I love tut-les." 1000 times that weekend and drove everyone mad.

I decided to veg out and take it easy today. We had planned to go to dinner, but I decided I'd rather stay in and get take-out Chinese and watch Breaking Bad Season 1.

Creepy Fortune Cookie

Though Aron already bought me too many presents (BCBG bag, Pixies tickets), he surprised me with Season 1 and 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project! Sweeeettt....

Goodnight guys!


  1. Happy birthday!! And that fortune made me laugh, that could definitely be just a tad scary! :)

  2. OMG, it's Pam! Haha. She's so gorgeous. I'm glad you had such a lovely time (and wow, that place looks insanely crowded). Hope your birthday *day* has been marvelous, too!

    I've never seen The Rachel Zoe Project, but I was thinking about getting the first season. (:

  3. Happy Birthday to you! jealous of your presents :)


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