Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wishlist for Fall 2010

Hello Again,

It is late, my allergies are killing me, and I am suffering from a bout of house hunting insomnia. So, I decided to give my brain a break from the day-to-day, and have a fashion dream session.

Oh ASOS, how I adore you. I have purchased several looks from your clearance selection this past Summer. Some have been awesome, some have ended up in my eBay store, but all have been fashion forward and I love that. This is a dress I have been drooling over for a while now. I will have to wait and see if it goes on clearance:

ASOS Cotton Crochet Dress

I've been craving a weathered, leather-esque jacket for a while now. I've tried on Mossimo moto jackets at Target, but even the largest sizes turn me into Uni-Boob Woman. Maybe this one would be better.....

ASOS Curve Bomber Jacket

I have a thing for mesh and sparkles. Don't ask. I would probably never wear this, but I loves it.

Faith 21 Jeweled Mesh Pleated Skirt

I have turned up my nose at the small bag trend for several months now, but I have a confession to make. Now I loves them! My big bags still rule, don't get me wrong. But things have been insane lately, so throwing my credit card and phone in a small bag works for me! Guess what other style I turned up my nose at? Yep, crossbody bags, which I also have decided are fab. What have I become? I can't afford this one, but I loves it:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think I am finally sleepy, so I will save shoes for another day.




  1. lovely picks!!!
    wanna follow each other???

  2. I love the 'bomber' jacket and the bag!!!!
    Great picks :)

    Are you interested in following each others site?


  3. Thanks to you both, of course I'll follow you ladies!


  4. Love these picks!
    Your comments crack me up, especially the uni-boob one!

  5. Great picks. and seriously small crossbody bags are a lifesaver for when you are going at and don't want to worry about having to carry anything. can't say enough about my love for them.

  6. Great pics...wanna fllow each other?

  7. Hi ! i see your blog now..i like it! i'm follow :) follow me back :D

  8. Love the pieces, that jacket is really amazing!


    oh yeah I'm having my first giveaway, ends on october 16!

  9. Thanks @Porcelain complexion, I'm here to entertain!

    @Carly I totally have given in to the crossbody bags, loves them.


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