Monday, May 2, 2011

My Favorite Thing: Woodland Creatures

I've always had a soft heart for animals, all animals. My favorites tend to be woodland creatures; bunnies, deer, and so on.

One of the rad things about living in Tennessee is that you're surrounded my wild nature. Even in our subdivision, which is quite populated, there is a little patch of wood that the animals still live in. Fortunately, that patch of wood is right behind our back yard.

Yesterday morning I was taking a shower and I hear Aron say "Adrienne, get out of the shower now." He leads me to out bedroom window and there is a deer to the left of our house, nibbling on the grassy hill. Here are some pics Aron managed to capture.

There is also a brown bunny that hops around and visits different yards. Here is a blurry iPhone pic of him (or her) :)

Hope the photos of animal cuteness brightened your Monday a bit!



  1. All we have in my yard are bunnies!

  2. Don't tell my BIL or hubs they might want to come hunt. And if you decide to plant anything in the yard that the deer destroy you probably want to get rid of them too :p

  3. Deer! In your yard! I'm so envious... This post definitely brightened my day :)

  4. Those animals are love, you are so lucky to be living where you are now. ♥

    The Cat Hag


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