Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yep, it's me again.

I doubt anyone out there is still reading this little blog o' mine, but the desire to blog has been strong as of late. It's almost as strong as when I first started What Lola Wants, when blogging was FUN. So I figure, maybe I'll give this another go!

First up, my Little Pumpkin. Sophie is now almost 19 months old...what? Wait, how did that happen? I blink and she's rolling over, blink again and she's crawling, then sitting up, and now walking..well running actually.

Here are some pics from her first birthday way back in January...
In March, Sophie started a Mother's Day Out program that we all loved. Twice a week I would drop her off in the morning and come back and get her in the early afternoon. My heart broke as she cried, but I knew it was good for her to socialize, and for me to have a bit of time to work and have some "me" time.

Sophie is growing up to be a smart, strong, beautiful little toddler. She loves being outside, bananas, and our kitty, Sebastian. She can be a Tiny Terror at times, but she really is an amazing little girl.

Speaking of amazing, can I brag for a moment on what a great Dad Aron is? He is patient, loving, and so much fun. Sophie truly is Dada's girl. 

We had some family photos taken this May. I won't bore you with a billion of them, I'll just share my faves...
 I've spent all Summer with Sophie, which is awesome, and exhausting. I haven't had much time for fashion, books, or me in general. I did manage to sneak away for a few lunches girl's nights with my buddies :)
I've been on a kimono kick lately. It seems that, right before Fall arrives, I'm enamoured with boho or witchy looks. I like taking a break from my 40s/50's inspired retro looks. 
Hopefully, my future outfit photos will be a bit nicer than a bathroom mirror selfie, with bras hanging on the doorknob!

I think my next blog will be entertainment based. I've watched some amazing movies and TV shows lately (Kimmy Schmidt, yea!). I leave you with an image from last years Dragon Con preparation. We are working on this day and night. Actually, I should go do that now! 
Thank you for stopping by!

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