Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sophie's Firsts

Hello Again!

I am back with another Sophie-centric post! I wanted to capture some of her "firsts", and how much she has changed over the past 5+ months.

First Photo Shoot: Newborn, 1 month old
First Trip to Target
First Playdate
First Easter
First Convention: Full Moon Horror & Tattoo Fest
First Free Comic Book Day
First Fourth of July
I'll also share some of our firsts.....

Father's Day
Mother's Day
(love Sophie's facial expression!)

We've also had quite a few lunch dates at Sophie's fave place to nap: Newks.
It's been a Summer of hard work, balancing motherhood and our businesses. Here's a secret...I do most of my work at night :) But, it's also been a Summer of laughs with my baby girl, lunch dates with friends, and cuddles with my Aron. It's been pretty awesome. 

I'll be back soon with..GASP....a fashion post with new goodies from Lola Rocks!

Have a good one, 

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