Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Leopard and Roses

Hello Again!

Lazy blogger is back! This time I'll spare you photos of food, and go straight to an outfit post.
Dress: Torrid
Shrug: Wet Seal
Shoes: Ross (old)
Hair Flower: Lola's Lovelies

This dress has become one of my go to looks for Summer. It is a lightweight fabric, and has an easy, breezy shape. I just throw on a shrug and I am ready to go. At first I thought the pattern was a bit too cray cray for me, but I came to my senses and realized it was perfect. 

What have y'all been up to this Summer? I've been a bit of hermit. Our business has kept us busy, and we are still preparing to vend at the big mother-Dragon*Con. We aren't even nearly ready to go, but no big deal, right? It's only 5 weeks away *breaks out in a cold sweat*.

Aside from prepping our stock, we have been enjoying an overabundance of pizza, and watching Fringe from the beginning on Nextflix. Glamourous, no?

I hope Summer is treating you right!


  1. Love the print on that dress! I find that a lot of times I've "taken the plunge" on an outfit with a pattern or color a little out of my safety zone, I eventually end up loving it to death. Such a summery look! :)

  2. That's such a cute dress - I love the print on you!

    Courtney -

  3. I like the print. sometiimes you just have to say, "what the f#*k?" there is something so gaudy glam about it....I promise I mean that in the best way possible. It's super flattering!

  4. Being busy is good! I'm happy that you're busy! :) I still haven't been to a con this summer which is a total bummer! :( LOVE the print on the dress, Adrienne!


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