Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth of July

Hello Again!

I am over a week late with mt 4th recap post. Bad blogger!

The weather was crappy this year (rain for daaayyysss), but we did have an impressive feast over at The Eller homestead. 

Check this out, yo! Ben smoked an amazing lamb, Tracy made bean casserole, cupcakes, and amazing, golden rolls. John and Becca brought yummy snacky stuff, and shrimp! Fred and Steph brought pie, ice cream, and more. My contribution was the tater salad and mac and cheese. Everyone's food rocked, hard. 
Look at these precious and yummy cupcakes that Tracy made! Boston creme, vanilla and butter creme and cheesecake.

We all had a truly awesome time. Our Fourth of July movie pics were The Avengers and D'Jango Unchained. Though most of us had seen these movies several times, they were the perfect choices to celebrate 'Merica. 

On Saturday, Aron and Ben drove to Atlanta to set up at a comic convention, and I hosted a girls night at my house with Tracy and Steph. We had some much needed girl talk, nail paining, and cocktails. 

I made the mistake of making these evil little bastards. 
I can't really explain how addictive these are. They have a nice little bite to them, and are tastier than regular cheese sticks. We polished off a bag in no time. 

I then made pizza, or I attempted to. I had purchased 2 balls of dough from Publix, and I overworked the first batch, effectively turning it into chewing gum. Tracy assisted and worked out the second ball of dough. Success!

After hours of girl talk, we settled into the living room and attempted to watch The Fades.
I slept through chunks of it, and Tracy slept through most of the pilot episode. Steph managed to stay awake through both episodes! From what I gathered through my snoring, The Fades is an apocalyptic, supernatural BBC series that it worth a watch. 

Here is a goofy pic from our night. 
Note: This has to be the most food-centric post I've ever written. What can I say, I love food!

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. Wow, that's quite the spread! That food all looks really good. Your girls night sounds great! I haven't had a girls night in ages. I pretty much don't have any friends in the new city lol.

    Life of Mabel

  2. that's a MASSIVELY IMPRESSIVE feast, I must say! YUM!


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