Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day

Hello Again!

Happy New Year's Eve to you all! I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday season.

Below are a few fuzzy iPhone snapshots from our Christmas Day. Aron and I woke up around 7 or so, and began to open our Christmas loot. Santa was very good to us this year :)  Here are a few rad things we received.

Mom sent me a ton of awesome makeup! I love Benefit and Sephora cosmetics.
Aron with some of his Christmas loot, and radical squid socks.
Aron gave me this gorgeous, vintage topaz ring, and the most dope adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, ever.
I love this bow purse from Aron's parents.
We gave our kitties catnip mice for Christmas. Sebastian (on the left) turned into the paranoid stoner, while Z (on the right) was quite mellow. Z also decided to hoard both mice.
We were lucky enough to spend Christmas with our awesome friends, The Ellers. Tracy made me this amazing quilt! Can you believe how gorgeous it is? Ben made Aron some badass tshirts. The Ellers always give the best gifts!
We ventured out into the miserable, rainy weather to see Django Unchained. We all enjoyed the film, and if you are a Tarantino fan, I bet you will too.
I made traditional Christmas fare for dinner: stuffed shells. Haaaaa! But they were pretty yummy!
We are having friends over for New Years Eve, and I am making a big crock pot full of chili and perhaps some sort of champagne punch. I am too old to fight the New Years Eve bar scene! I'd rather just relax with the people I love.
Have a great New Year's Eve!



  1. Where are the squid socks from?? They are amazingly ridiculous so I know my fella needs them in his life

  2. I love that purse you were gifted! And it sounds like you had a great Christmas.

    Courtney ~

  3. Happy New Year, Adrienne! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I cannot get over thse amazing squid socks, talk about fun :)

  4. Love your ring! It's gorgeous and looks so perfect. Reminds me of my vintage collection on SocialBliss.

    I pretty much love all vintage jewelry!

    Gina :)

  5. mmm chili sounds so good when it's well, chilly weather! hehe. that blanket is awesome & your black cat looks a ton like ours & also hoards mice! glad you enjoyed the holidays w/ family.


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