Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hello Again!

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Aron and I spread our anniversary celebration out over a few days. For the first leg of our adventure, we visited Bell Buckle, Tennessee to check out some antique shops and spend a relaxing day together.

Bell Buckle is a small town with shops that specialize in handmade gifts, antiques, and yummy food. I like the down home feel of their tiny downtown area.
We started off looking in a few of the local antique stores.

Gorgeous toiletry case
Poodles! Salt and Pepper Shakers and Bookends 
Photobucket Photobucket
 Aron spotted books, of course :)
After we looked through a few shops, we stopped for a quick lunch at the cafe. Then we had some delicious ice cream, and looked around a bit more.
Bell Buckle also has two larger antique malls withing walking distance of the main cluster of shops. It was there that I found some awesome milk glass vases.
Here are some of our cool antique finds:
My milk glass vases, bunny figurine, and 1959 copy of "The Electric Cookbook".
First, let me say that I didn't know how deep my love of milk glass was until I saw it in multitudes in the antique shops. Most of it was pretty pricey, but a picked these vases up for a couple of bucks each. Oh, and how can you go wrong with a $2 bunny figurine?
This brings me to the cookbook. This fascinating piece of history takes me back to a time where a woman's "first interest is her family, who loves to please her husband and children, whose heart grows warm when they like what she cooks". Their words, not mine :)
The next day, we headed over to Franklin to check out some shops at The Factory. I wore my favorite, old ASOS dress.
 At The Factory's Antique shop., we found this awesome, rose gold, pearl, and ruby ring from the early 1900s. I simply love it.
We walked around downtown Franklin and checked out all the amazing shops.
 For dinner, we ended up in downtown Nashville at Sitar.
Aron takes his Vegetarian Thali very seriously. It was a delicious, enormous amount of food.
We ended the night with a scoop from Ben and Jerry's. What is Indian food without ice cream for dessert?
We had a great anniversary weekend together. I am truly a lucky woman to have my wonderful Aron:)

Have a good one!


  1. That is like THE perfect weekend! The last time that I was in Bell Buckle, I told that guy who owns the little antique shop with all of the old holiday stuff that I want to move there because it's so cool. He told me, "Oh no...we don't let strangers move here. That's why it's so cool. " Touche' Mister Store owner!

    And happy anniversary to you kids!

  2. I have never been to Bell Buckle but have wanted to go for some time.

  3. i love love love Bell Buckle! it's so wonderful and most of their shops are priced incredibly. that's also my favorite dish to get at sitar— hello new friend!


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