Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Woodland Creatures Part Deux

Hello Again!

A while back, I shared a few photos of the woodland creatures that visit our backyard. Can you handle all the cuteness of a follow up post? I hope so, because here we go :)

Aron and I like to look for bunny rabbits on our morning walks. There are a ton of bunnies that live in the woods behind our neighborhood, so we usually spot at least one or two. We ran into this little saucer-eyed fellow one morning.
We like to leave our stale bread outside for the birds to snack on. This little dude decided the bread was fair game, and ate his fill. I apologize for the crappy photo quality.
 I caught this guy strutting around our backyard one day. Turkeys are strangely cute.
A family of deer like to hang out on the hill behind our house. Once they catch me oooing and ahhhhing over them, they make a run for the woods.
I hope you survived the cuteness.

Have a good one!


  1. Lucky! You guys have a regular wildlife preserve back there!

  2. How lovely and peaceful (most of the time?) to see this in your backyard.

  3. What we cuties! I wish we had wildlife here, the closest we get is rabbits, possums or the odd stray cat

  4. Adrienne, hi. I am home from vacation and following along with you now. I love posts like this. I do posts like this too called woodland finds. I need to do a new one. I love it. The deer are beautiful. hey, have a great weekend. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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