Friday, October 12, 2012

Shawna and Misti's Visit Part Two

Here are more good times from Shawna and Misti's visit to Tennessee!

On their second day in town, we all headed to Kustom Thrills Tattoos to get inked! I had been chatting with the tattoo artist Nathan for about a week, so we all had a good idea of what designs we were getting. I planned on getting cherries on the back of each leg, Shawna wanted a fairy, and Misti wanted a butterfly.

We met up with Nathan at the shop around 3, and began discussing our designs. Shawna's fairy needed to be larger so it wouldn't form into a blob over the years. Misti's butterfly needed more of an outline, and plenty of "sparkles" at her request. My cherries were good to go!

I was impressed by Nathan's professionalism and friendliness. The shop has a rad feel to it, and an impressive Rat Fink collection.
 Johnny Cash stained glass.
 Coop print
 We waited on the leopard couch while Nathan sketched out our designs.
Here I am, unsuspecting and sweet. I had no idea of the agony that would follow.
Well, I had a bit of an idea, since I already have a few small pieces. I think it was the location of the cherries that killed me, right on the tendons. Ouch. I spent an hour holding Shawna's hand.
 Here is the finished product . I am very happy with them! I went larger than I thought I would, but I'm glad I did.
Shawna initially wanted a fairy on her hip. But because the tattoo needed to be larger, she decided to place it on her upper back. It is so beautiful!
Here is Misti, with her peaceful, smiling face. Her tattoo just about killed her as well. Is our pain tolerance diminishing as we get older?
Here is her gorgeous, "sparkling" butterfly!
We were at the tattoo shop from 3-9pm, a bit longer than we anticipated. The plan was for us to drive back to my house after the tattoos, and Aron would drive us back to Nashville so we could explore 2nd Ave and party a bit. By the time we got home, it was late, so we just went out to Old Chicago Pizza and had a few cocktails there.
On Saturday, we stopped by Toots for a few drinks and fried pickles :) I kept reminding us that we needed a group pick of all three of us, which is something we usually forget to do. So, I had Aron snap a few photos of us that afternoon.
Their last night in town, we had a joint birthday celebration for Becca, Shawna, and myself. We headed to Camino Real for dinner, then back to our house for cake and booze. Tracy made a super yummy Snickerdoodle cake. It was awweessoommmeee!
We all overslept Sunday morning, but we made it to the airport just in time. Saying goodbye to your best friends after a rad weekend is just awful. But I am looking forward to next time!



  1. oh i love your cherries! how cute. i've heard such good things about custom thrills, but haven't been.

  2. Girl, I don't have any ink because I am fraid to inflict pain but damn those cherries look beautiful. Great post. Dawn suitcase vignettes

  3. Your new tattoos are so pretty! I have a tattoo on my ankle that I had gotten 30 years ago hurt worse than any of the others I've had done!


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