Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shower Attire

Hello Again!

Here is a quick little fashion nugget for your viewing pleasure. I wore this Torrid dress and cardigan to my friend Becca's bridal shower a few weeks ago. The dress has some odd seaming at the bust, so it needed the coverage of the cropped cardigan.
Cardigan and dress: Torrid
Shoes: TJMaxx
Sunnies: Target  
 The shower was fun! We made a fabulous toilet paper wedding dress and watched the bride to be open her fab pressies.
Have a good one!


  1. Don't you just love toilet paper wedding dresses? I was helping with games at a bridal shower last month and one of the teams made a dress that looked so good it could have been real...not kidding...mermaid style, too!
    Love your outfit. The dress is so girlie!

  2. How fun! The printed dress looks gorgeous and from what I can tell the little detailing on the top portion is very pretty and feminine as well.

  3. Great fit and love the shoes. My most favorite. Peep toe style. Tp gown is great! Dawn suitcase vignettes

  4. Oh my gollies, I LOVE this dress, Adrienne! And the cardi hits just right to show off your hourglass figure!
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