Monday, August 13, 2012

My Favorite Thing: Sassy Magazine

This Monday, I want to share with you something very near and dear to my heart- Sassy Magazine circa 1988-1994.

I spent most of the late 80s and early 90s a shy, overly sensitive, awkward girl. I was a far cry from homecoming queen, or a popular kid. Sassy helped me to embrace, and even celebrate, my "oddness". It opened my eyes to the the alternative subculture, and introduced me to an entire new genre of music, movies, literature, and fashion.

Looking back, I am surprised that Sassy magazine existed at all. It was a girl-power, alt culture, feminist magazine aimed at teens and young women. Sassy was an inclusive voice in an exclusive world. All shapes and sizes, races, and sexual preferences were welcome to read, it did not discriminate. Also, the writers at Sassy had a wicked sense of humour :)

Sassy has a major cult following, from teen fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson (who has created a "modern day" Sassy in Rookie), to multiple badass Tumblr blogs that pay homage to the magazine. It makes me happy that a new generation of young women have discovered Sassy, and the independent mindset in encapsulates.

Here are some random Sassy covers and nuggets to share. As you can see, Sassy was not all seriousness and politics. It was quite a fun read as well :)
April 1994 Note the rad article "How to Start Your Very Own Band" (image from Sassy Scans)
Juliana Hatfield on the September 1992 cover
November 1992 Election Special
 Chloe Sevigny was an intern (image courtesy of Suicide Blonde Tumblr)
Make Tuna Tacos with Sonic Youth (Image courtesy of Sassy Scans)
 How to Be A Drummer Article (courtesy of Sassy Scans)
This dress is still pretty cute (image courtsey of Sassy Scans)
I've noticed many bloggers reminiscing fondly of the 1990s. Many of these posts are laced with Saved by The Bell and Backstreet Boys references. While I'm totally cool with that, the 90's to me are more about this:
If asked what pop culture image represents the 90s, for me it would be this cover of Sassy. It is everything :)

What has shaped me to be who I am today? First and foremost, my Mom who raised me on her own, and taught me how to be an independant lady.  Secondly, it would be Sassy Magazine.

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  1. I never read Sassy, I think I must have been too old but that reminds me of the Style Rookie who's own magazine is said to be based on Sassy. What's your take on that?

  2. I read Sassy all the time in Jr. High!

  3. I wasn't alive at the time but this would have been MY magazine. It already sounds better than Seventeen.

  4. OH EM GEEEEEEEEEEE I totally want to see these! I haven't even heard of them!

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