Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My New Lovelies

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind comments regarding Aron's grandmothers passing. We flew to New Jersey on Wednesday for Emma's funeral, and spent time with family and friends. Can I just say how amazing Aron's family is? They are such a tight knit and wonderful group of people. Even with the support of family, it was still a very rough week.

Though it feels strange to blog right now, I am easing back into it with a quick post on my recent purchases.

I fell in love with this sweater. It has a great pinup/rockabilly feel to it.  I'd been watching closely to see how low the sale price would go. $29 was low enough for me :)

Forever 21 Sweetheart Bird Print Dress

This lovely item is now out of stock. I haven't received this dress yet, but I hope it is a winner.

This lightweight sweater has such a French, gamine feel to it. It will be great for Spring.

I'm not much of  belt person, but I couldn't resist this one. Slap quaint little bow on just about anything, and I will buy it! The price is pretty amazing as well.

I'm not a big white tshirt fan, but I figure I can layer this one with a cardigan. I love the vintage Barbie design.

I like the fit of this dress, except it is about 4 inches too long. I will be getting it hemmed, and wearing the heck out of it this Spring.

As you can see, I have gone on a bit of an online shopping spree. This has forced me to look at my budget and curtail my spending a bit. I installed a budget app into my iPhone to keep track of my personal spending habits, business spending, and dining out budget. As far as personal spending, I will allow myself $150-200 per month to spend on myself. That includes not just clothing, but haircuts, pedicures, makeup, and even lunch out with friends. I think that is realistic and doable.

 I hope Tuesday is treating you right :)



  1. That sounds like a plan. I like all your cute finds.

  2. I love your picks- they are fresh and classic- perfect for punching up an old wardrobe. Not that your wardrobe is old, but mine is- I recently did some punching at the Goodwill near my mamacita's house- and yup, loads of navy stripes found their way into my closet.

  3. I am always a sucker for navy and white stripes.

  4. Great finds. I LOVE the belt and dress!

  5. Whoa-- that bow belt is just LOVELY! and I didn't even know Old Navy had those Barbie shirts!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Big hugs hun, life is tough sometimes.

    Loving your new buys! I'm sure they all look just gorgeous on you xo

  7. love that belt and the navy dress <3

  8. I love that french-looking top.

    You guys are still in my thoughts. And I still have your bag! :)


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