Friday, September 23, 2011

Home Again

I have been MIA for a bit now. We made a short trip to Florida last week, and I have been playing catchup with our businesses. It was a wonderful visit, and I was sad to leave my home state. Here are a few snapshots of my trip.
Besides my family and friends, this is what I miss the most.
Trip to Osteens in St Augustine. The best shrimp in the land, hands down.
My wonderful inlaws, Karen and Grover.
My brother-in-law Ryan and his lovely girlfriend Anna
Me and Aron
My besties, Shawna and Misti
Me and my beautiful Mom
Me and my bestie, Leah

I won't lie, it was hard to come back to TN. I love it here, but there are so many wonderful people I miss in Florida. My bird Kiwi died a few weeks ago, and I never really had the chance to grieve him, since I was stuck in the hospital and then we made the trip. I am working through the sadness now, and am feeling a bit better.

I will be back with more fashion tidbits next week. I promised a giveaway this week, but things were too hectic. I will post it next week, promise :)



  1. Aww how nice!! Next time you head to Florida let me know. We should meet up! :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! The one of you & your mum is especially nice xox

  3. Lovely snaps from Florida. It's obvious that you were surrounded by people you love!

  4. I stumbled on you blog from reading other blogs.. I LOVE the fact you are from my hometown too and my BFF just moved to TN two months ago and you LOVE fashion like I do.. You were a great blog to find. So you have a new follower! I am sorry to hear about your bird! My dog just passed too. Well I much reading to do to catch up on your blog and check out you store.

  5. Love that top in the last pic!!


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